‘Will & Grace’ revival premiere targets Trump


Will & Gracereturned to TV screens last night for the first time in over a decade with a string of jokes targeted at Donald Trump.

The revival included many jokes at the expense of U.S. President Trump, including a joke about his skin tone being comparable to Cheetos and a poke at his “Make American Great Again” campaign slogan, re-worked on Will & Grace as “Make America Gay Again.”

?️‍? #WillAndGracepic.twitter.com/go8dDdMT8b

— Will & Grace (@WillAndGrace) September 29, 2017

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As part of the episode’s plot, Trump-supporter Karen (Megan Mullally) reveals that she has landed Grace (Debra Messing) the opportunity to redesign the Oval Office.

When the pair arrives at the White House, an employee tells Karen and Grace, “The owner would like you to know it’s the best Oval Office you’ll ever see.”

Once they are inside the Oval Office Grace finds a Russian-to-English dictionary and a fidget spinner on the president’s desk.

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The Oval Office scenes also feature a spoof of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway’s infamous texting photo with Karen posing the exact same way.

Karen sitting like Kellyanne is EVERYTHING. #WillAndGracepic.twitter.com/N5Ic6SXJFb

— Sara K. Runnels (@omgskr) September 29, 2017

By the end of the episode, Grace left a “Make America Gay Again” hat on Trump’s desk chair.

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That joke had many people on Twitter wondering what Trump might say — or tweet — in response to the episode.

That Make America Gay Again Hat will certainly get Trump tweeting and Repubs boycotting. Bravo. #willandgracepic.twitter.com/npsSF3bQSw

— seriously though (@modrealness) September 29, 2017

Waiting for Donald Trump to start flexing them twitter fingers & start attacking #WillAndGrace next pic.twitter.com/wVAPiddgqu

— R (@r21yna) September 29, 2017

Trump’s twitter tantrum tomorrow should be great. All about #WillAndGrace cuz you know…that’s what he pays attention to. Great show!

— Mona (@Monaheart1229) September 29, 2017

Trump is going to explode all over twitter when he sees this! ???? little man! #WillAndGrace

— cool world (@coolworld0) September 29, 2017




AGAIN#WillAndGrace welcome back ❤️?️‍? pic.twitter.com/HmUViyfse6

— Sensate Reborn (@GreenFlash333) September 29, 2017

Trump’s response to the new Will & Grace premier should be… interesting.

— Dave Donaldson (@arcware) September 29, 2017

Trump supporters seeing #WillAndGrace went political and that “Make America Gay Again” hat. pic.twitter.com/6Vx6Xs3fwQ

— Katie Stueben (@BostonPackie) September 29, 2017

#WillAndGrace is dragging Trump so hard and I am HERE for it

— Ashton McGregor (@ashtonlayne3) September 29, 2017

Re: Oval Office: “I need to make sure the drapes work well with his coloring” *opens up a bag of cheetos* I can’t!! ??#WillAndGrace

— Jerrica Benton (@DionnewithaV) September 29, 2017

These political jokes are so on point! God, I’m so glad this show is back! ???????????? @WillAndGrace#WillAndGrace@nbcpic.twitter.com/MYxP7qORZo

— Jennifer (@wildeishot) September 29, 2017

Thank you, @WillAndGrace, I needed that!!! ❤️

— Max von Essen (@MaxizPad) September 29, 2017

Remember when #WillandGrace was on TV espousing progressive views in an era defined by a brainless Republican president?@WillAndGrace#TBTpic.twitter.com/Wsxc9XtcDJ

— Christian Greco (@ChristGrec) September 29, 2017

#WillAndGrace I really hope the jokes about politics are even handed and make everyone laugh. Trump bashing is not going to work

— John Sandor (@RealJohnSandor) September 28, 2017

#WillandGrace is going in on the WH big time. pic.twitter.com/YJAclhp6ua

— Rachel Cullen (@rachelcullen201) September 29, 2017

Omg making sure the curtains match Trumps colouring and Grace pulls it a bag of cheetos #WillAndGracepic.twitter.com/PMeoIdwkXB

— Christine McLaren (@tine_mclaren) September 29, 2017

A Russian English dictionary and a forget spinner. #Cheetos I lost it! @DebraMessing @#willandgrace#willandgracepic.twitter.com/lvRjXwsSH9

— FiveFeet2 (@MikeyMonster35) September 29, 2017

#WillAndGrace is so overtly political that’s it’s almost refreshing pic.twitter.com/AaMvpGtqMh

— Cara Anne Anderson (@cara_02) September 29, 2017

white house staff member: “who am i kidding? rules don’t matter here anymore”

and that’s that on that#WillandGracepic.twitter.com/FoH95jvGIA

— chelsea ☆ (@quinzelstardis) September 29, 2017

#WillAndGrace never missed a beat!!! Cannot wait until next week! pic.twitter.com/iMdxfVi5eM

— Eddy Bee (@EddyBee26) September 29, 2017

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The show’s co-creator David Kohan said the new series was intended to be an “antidote” to current tensions.

“I actually think that is what the appeal of what the show is right now, this whole sense of I want to be back on comfortable solid ground with characters that I’m familiar with, that I know, that I want to laugh with,” he told Variety. “Because I’m anxious right now. This is an anxious time. And this is an antidote to that.”

Will & Grace airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global.

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