Who is Bobby Norris? Star of The Only Way Is Essex and Celebs Go Dating


BOBBY Norris is known for being good pals with Gemma Collins and the rest of the stars on The Only Way Is Essex.

The Towie star recently alongside fellow reality TV stars on Celebs Go Dating and he seemed to have finally met Mr Right on the show. Here’s the lowdown on Bobby…

 Bobby is frequently seen by the side of bezzie mate Gemma Collins

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Bobby is frequently seen by the side of bezzie mate Gemma Collins

Who is Bobby Norris?

Bobby is a 30-year-old reality star most known for being a central character in ITVBe’s smash-hit show The Only Way is Essex.

He has been a part of the show since its fourth series, and is often seen with his close gal pal Gemma Collins.

In 2014, he released his own fashion range – and has been known for his quirky style, making headlines in one-sided man speedos while on holiday several years ago.

Bobby is gay and openly discusses his sexuality on air and as a result has been credited by viewers for helping them come to terms with their own sexual orientation.

He revealed last year that he wants to start a family, but added that he ‘needs to find Mr Right’ first.

At Christmas 2016, he revealed he had been helping his mum as she battled leukaemia – and she was finally on the road to recovery after finding a stem cell donor.

 Towie's Bobby Norris made his love with Jack exclusive

Towie’s Bobby Norris made his love with Jack exclusive

Who has Bobby Norris dated on Towie?

Bobby has been a bit unlucky in love on the BAFTA award-winning show.

He has had a number of romantic partners but has struggled to maintain a long-term relationship.

When he first joined the show he formed a close friendship with Gemma Collins’ ex Charlie King.

Sweet and friendly Charlie rebuffed Bobby’s advances and started dating Danni Park-Dempsey, but their relationship didn’t last and Charlie did eventually come out as gay.

In 2014, Bobby’s luck looked like it was turning around as he was joined in series 12 by boyfriend, and Amy Childs’ cousin, Harry Derbridge.

But their love was not set to last as he was found to be cheating on Bobby, who ended things.

After revealing that he wants to “better himself” in the hopes of landing a man, Bobby received a surprise offer from Labour politician Sarah Champion.

The Rotherham MP volunteered to let the reality star spend a day with her in Parliament to brush up on his politics.

What charities does Bobby support?

Bobby is an animal lover and often works for charities and causes to that effect.

However, in July 2016, Bobby was left gutted when his pet pooch Beau was mauled by another dog, leaving the pup with such extensive injuries he had to be put down.

Relaying the tragic events on Loose Women, Bobby said: “This is what I can’t get my head around, it was a normal day, he had his normal food and we went on the same walk.

“We got to a certain point, to this tree and from a gap in a hedge a big dog came over and he was on a very, very long lead.

“I shouted to the owner ‘can you pull your dog back a little bit’ and at that time nothing had happened, it was still like a split second. Time just stopped.

“And I saw him [the dog] get Beau in his mouth and I think in defence of the big dog, I think he thought Beau was a toy or a rabbit because of the way he shook him it was like a dog playing with a toy.”

Fighting back tears, Bobby went onto explain how there was nothing that he, or the woman who was walking the other dog could do.

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“The owner had another dog on a lead – it was like a split lead I’ve never seen anything like it, because Beau was in the dog’s mouth there wasn’t anything – and it was so quick and the yelp and…

“The dog eventually dropped him… and I got the dog and I took a few steps to the side ‘cause I was scared that the dog was gonna come and get me or get Beau and I just needed a few seconds.”

He later held a funeral for the pup alongside Gemma Collins, Danielle Armstrong and Chloe Sims, and planted a tree in his memory.

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