Who are The Chasers? Meet Jenny Ryan, Mark Labbett, Anne Hegerty and Paul Sinha


THE Chase is an ITV fixture, with the quiz show, which pits contestants against the impressive Chasers, proving a big hit with viewers.

But who are The Chasers? Let us introduce you to the quiz masters who thrive on crushing the dreams of their opponents…

Who is Paul Sinha?

Paul Sinha, also known as ‘Sinnerman’ on the show, joined The Chase team back in 2011.

The brainiac is a qualified GP and trained at St George’s Hospital in London.

But when he’s not quizzing or working as a doctor, the boffin is a stand-up comedian and has made several appearances at the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Well they do say laughter is the best medicine.

In a July 2017 episode of The Chase, it was revealed that Paul Sinha is gay and in an open relationship.

He claimed that producers had edited out references to his sexuality, saying: “I have been on the show for six years and I have made lots of references to being gay.

“But they mysteriously never made the edit.”


Who is Jenny Ryan?

Nicknamed Vixen flame-haired Jenny Ryan is the newest addition to the chasers team having only joined in 2015.

But Jenny was no stranger to popular show having actually written the questions for the pilot episode.

She was also a part of the winning team on BBC Two’s Only Connect, as well as being a dab hand at the ukulele.


Who is Mark Labbett?

Mark Labbett – a.k.a. The Beast – was one of the chasers in the original line-up from the first show in 2009.

The fiery quizzer is known for his beast-like temper, even storming off set on two occasions when out-smarted by contestants.

The former maths teacher has also starred in the Australian and American versions of the show and previously competed on Who Wants to be a Millionaire twice, winning £48,000 in total.


Who is Anne Hegerty?

Anne Hegerty – known as The Governess – joined the show back in 2010.

The quiz boffin opted for the nickname over the original suggestion “The Headmistress” as she claimed it was “more kinky”.

Like The Beast, former-journalist Anne has also starred in the Australian incarnation of the popular show.


Who is Shaun Wallace?

Brainy Shaun a.k.a. Dark Destroyer or The Barrister is another one of the original chasers, joining the show at the start in 2009.

No stranger to a quiz, Shaun previously won Mastermind back in 2004 with FA Cup finals as his specialist subject.

The professional smart guy is also a qualified barrister previously working on a number of high profile cases.

 All the chasers along with host Bradley Walsh will be back on our screens tonight

All the chasers along with host Bradley Walsh will be back on our screens tonight

When is The Chase on ITV?

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV and the host is Bradley Walsh.

The teatime game show sees four plucky contestants go up against one of Britain’s best quiz brains in a bid to win thousands of pounds.

The teams compete against the chaser, one of six know-it-all quizzers, in a bid to keep the money that they win.

The Chase has amassed a huge cult following and is ITV’s most successful daytime show ever.

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