When does Gunpowder start on BBC One, who’s in the cast with Kit Harington and Liv Tyler and what’s the show about?


A new BBC historical drama is set to remember, remember the fifth of November – with a little help from Game Of Thrones’ Kit Harington and the daugher of a rock god.

The show explores the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, and Jon Snow’s alter-ego will be brooding over his plan to blow up Parliament – but he’s not playing Guy Fawkes. Here’s the scoop on the new drama….

 Game Of Thrones star Kit Harington is bringing his pout and facial hair to the role of Robert Catesby

Game Of Thrones star Kit Harington is bringing his pout and facial hair to the role of Robert Catesby

When is Gunpowder starting on BBC One and why is Kit Harington in it?

Gunpowder is going take a prime time Saturday night slot this autumn but no date has been announced yet.

It will be shown in three parts, probably on consecutive nights.

Scheduling bosses are likely to show it around November 5th when we commemorate the Gunpowder Plot with Bonfire Night.

There is a special reason why Kit Harington has chosen to be in the show.

Kit has revealed he is a descendant of his character Robert Catesby, the man who was ultimately responsible for the Gunpowder Plot, and he plays him in the show.

What’s even more interesting is that while Kit is descended from Catesby on his mother’s side, a 17th century relative on his father’s side actually made a comment about Catesby’s head after the plot was foiled.

Kit has explained: “When [Catesby’s] head was marched past the houses of Parliament on a pike, John Harington on my father’s side, who was in the houses of Parliament at the time, looked at him and is quoted as saying, ‘He’s an ugly fellow, isn’t he?’. Isn’t that brilliant?”

What is Gunpowder about?

The show follows Robert Catesby, the man who masterminded the 1605 plot to blow up Parliament and kill reigning British monarch King James I, who’s played by Derek Rissell.

Catesby is played by Kit Harington, while Liv Tyler plays Catesby’s cousin Ann Vaux, who gets tangled up in the plot.

The drama will illustrate just why and how the plot was formed – and in particular, the motivation of Catholic Catesby, who had just lost his wife and father and felt like society was punishing him.

Viewers may be surprised that Guy Fawkes has a minor role to play in the series, and he is played by Downton Abbey’s Tom Cullen.

 Lord Of The Rings' Liv Tyler stars in the drama

Lord Of The Rings’ Liv Tyler stars in the drama

Who else is in the cast of Gunpowder?

Alongside Harington, Riddell, Tyler and Cullen are many more well-known actors, playing real-life plotters and spies.

Wolf Hall’s Edward Holcroft will play Catesby’s friend and co-conspirator Thomas Wintour and Robert Emms will portray Father Gerard, a young priest on a mission/

On the other side of the plot will be Sherlock’s Mark Gatiss as royal spy Robert Cecil, while Shaun Dooley plays Cecil’s assistant Sir William Wade.

Comic actors David Bamber and Kevin Eldon will play the Earl of Northumberland and Sir Joseph Hawksworth.

Meanwhile Scottish actor Peter Mullan will play Jesuit priest Father Garnet.

Autumn is coming…

Kit Harington stars as Robert Catesby in our new 3-part drama #Gunpowder. Coming soon. pic.twitter.com/3tWHBwcZbs

— BBC One (@BBCOne) August 28, 2017

Kit Harrington and Liv Tyler star in new drama Gunpowder

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