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Weight loss: Nutritionist recommends this ONE diet plan trick for fast weight loss

Weight loss is on the to-do list of many Britons in the early months of 2018, and many want to lose weight fast.

But how can you make sure your body is primed to lose weight quickly?

One nutritionist has revealed a trick that can help you shed pounds and tone up but adding more of one type of food into your diet plan.

Abigail Montgomery, a leading nutritionist at Protein World, shared this tip to help you speed up your weight loss and start seeing results fast.

How to loose weight fast

Abigail Montgomery claims to lose weight you must increase your daily protein intake.

The fitness and diet expert said: “Consuming a high protein diet not only prevents overeating by decreasing your hunger levels, but it has been shown that the digestion of protein boosts your metabolic rate, with consumers of a high protein diet burning more calories several hours after eating.

“Moreover, a high protein intake aids in building muscle, which in turn increases your metabolic rate, so you will be burning more calories without even trying!

“There are numerous ways to increase your protein intake, the most convenient way is with a protein shake.”

The best protein for weight loss is vegetable protein, according to the journal of Food and Nutrition Research. 

Abigail also added that dieters should drink apple cider vinegar

She said: “Consuming two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before your meal has been shown to control your blood sugar.

“Moreover, adding apple cider vinegar to a diet resulted in study participants losing a significant amount of weight in comparison to those who did not consume apple cider vinegar.

“With no other changes to their diet or activity levels, participants lost an average of 5lbs in 12 weeks, losing most fat from their abdominal area.”

How to take apple cider vinegar 

There are various ways to take the vinegar, but some are more appetising than others.

Taking the drink before every meal is the most effective way to do it, and the more hardcore dieters might take a teaspoon neat.


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