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Weight loss: Man reveals THIS diet helped him lose five stone and get rid of belly fat

Sharing his before and after transformation pictures to Reddit, user ‘lespaul134’ explained he was 22 years old and 6’2”.

He previously weighed 19 stone two pounds, and lost an impressive five stone.

But five years later, he had a ripped physique after following a popular diet.

Lespaul134 switched to a vegan diet, and explained in detail how he got enough protein day to day to build muscle.

Speaking about what he ate, he said: “I get 200g a day, lentils and pea protein powder are my staples.

“Bean pasta is amazing I love that, but I totally avoid all soy products. I don’t eat grains either.

“Other than the protein powder I eat all whole unprocessed foods.

“Most days I get to eat 600 extra calories because I eat so much fiber I’m not even actually reaching my goal… I love lentils, it’s really no problem for me.

“I eat the lentils with a ton of spinach too so it’s even more fibre than that.”

He then also detailed the fitness routine he uses to build abs.

He said: “My go to routine is: Military press 12, 10, 8, 8, 6, lateral raises 5x 8 (super important.

“Use light enough weight that the lateral/rear head of the delt is the muscle responsible for moving the DB.

“So easy to recruit other muscles and not even benefit the lateral delt. Also tilt db forward like you’re pouring water out of a pitcher).

“Triple set: 1) Machine front shoulder press 5×8 2)Rear delt db raises 5×8 (heavy) 3) rear delt db raises 5x 10 (light)

“Upright rows 12, 10, 8, 8, 8 supersetted with seated rear delt cable cross 5×10 (only 20lbs on the stack, slow reps).”

The Reddit user is not the only person to share his weight loss journey, and another man who followed a Paleo and then a vegan diet also shared his slimming tips.


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