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watch viral video glacier national park argentina collapses | Travel News | Travel

Located in the Los Glaciares National Park in the Santa Cruz province of Argentina, the Perito Moreno Glacier is one of Argentina’s most attractive tourist hotspots.

Unlike the majority of glaciers, the Perito glacier is still growing and is currently 19 miles long and 240 feet high.

Every four years, tourists are treated to an extra special natural phenomenon.

Thousands of tons of the crystal-like blue ice brakes off and comes crashing down into the lake below causing quite the show for visitors.

As the water freezes, a dam forms cutting the water from free-flowing but not for long.

With the continued build in tension behind the ice wall, every so often this becomes too much and the ice begins to shed and fall.

For those lucky visitors on nearby viewing platforms, the last remaining arches holding the ice structure together collapse with a reverberating roar.

On Sunday, the 11 March. The glacier did just this.

Footage captures the miraculous event, as towering shards of ice cracked and fell away sending a tidal wave of water down onto the lake below.

Due to the popularity of the site, walking paths have been built, allowing visitors to get as close to the action as possible.

According to Atlas Obscura, a boat trip has been added to enhance the viewing experience with a 45- minute boat tour around the base of the glacier.

However, such a trip is not advised during the four-year phenomena.

This isn’s the first time a natural phenomenon has been captured in far flyby corners of the globe.

A video of Lake Berryessa in California shows a giant hole in the middle of a lake that looks as if it could be the entrance to another world.

The gigantic hole does, however, have a very practical explanation.

The manmade hole acts as a giant drain, diverting gallons of excess water.


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