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Two years in the past, Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robotic Atlas wanted a giant ol’ security tether to shuffle its means down a flat climbing path. 5 years in the past it wanted a giant, bolted-down assist construction to maintain itself upright.

Now it’s casually leaping up and over obstacles that would depart many people huffing and puffing.

The corporate demonstrated Atlas’ newly discovered hops in a video revealed this morning:

It begins with a lil’ leap over a log earlier than Atlas bounds its means proper up a set of 40 cm (1.three ft) steps.

Whereas simply getting an enormous, heavy robotic to stroll on two toes is a feat few corporations have cracked, there’s an entire set of recent challenges at play right here. Getting Atlas’ limbs up and over the step, whereas appropriately shifting the burden and momentum onto one foot with out the entire thing face-planting… it’s a sophisticated set of mechanics. Discover the sideways leaps, and — significantly within the sluggish movement reduce on the 9-second mark — the best way the hips/toes appear to angle a bit to compensate.

(For the curious: Atlas weighs round 180 lbs, as of the final time Boston Dynamics disclosed the numbers.)

At this level, we’ve gone from “Haha, neat, take a look at the humorous robotic operating like a human,” to “I’m fairly certain that robotic might beat me up.”

Questioning what the corporate is as much as right here? We talked with Boston Dynamics’ founder Marc Raibert concerning the hows and whys just a few months again at our robotics occasion in Berkeley. The video is under:

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