Want to see Donald Trump … naked? PHOTO GALLERY


Who would like to see US President Doland Trump naked? Probably nobody. However, Chuck Williams, an American artist, has made a doll in the face and likeness of the US Chief who is … in Adam’s costume.

Donald Trump, with the hair of the whip and, inevitably, with a handset because it is known to post very often on Twitter but without any piece of clothing put in a nice box can be one of the strangest Christmas gifts on which you can do to your loved ones. Or, to those you do not love too much and want to shock them a little.

The doll, available for sale in the US, is already popular, as the manufacturer has received a bunch of orders in advance from those who want to make fun of trouble. Or, it is not excluded that the fans and supporters of the American president want to have it almost even if it is in the form of a naked doll.

PHOTO: Northfoto



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