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Viral video shows Dublin Airport battered by snow storm | Travel News | Travel

The viral video, filmed two hours ago, shows the strength of the storm that has plagued the UK today.

It was taken at Dublin Airport, which closed last night at 6pm due to the dangerous conditions and snow.

Dublin Airport remains closed today and is hoping to open tomorrow morning to resume flights.

Storm Emma is thought to be the worst storm in 50 years to have hit the country.

The video has had over 124,000 views on Facebook already.

It shows the strong winds blowing the snow across the tarmac as a Ryanair plane is parked.

A flashing lorry attempts to drive whilst the winds continue to blow through.

Thankfully no-one appears to be outside in the extreme weather.

Many Facebook users commented on the video to discuss the recent bout of bad weather as some warned their loved ones to be careful when travelling.

One remarked: “Crikey that looks damned cold!”

Others talked about their flights that were no longer going ahead.

One wrote: “I have a client coming in from NYC in the morning. Don’t think it going to happen.”

Airports in the UK have faced a huge number of cancelled flights this week thanks to the snow and freezing temperatures.

London Heathrow saw the most today with 358 flight cancellations; over 100 of those were British Airways.

The British airline has stopped hundreds of flights this week, as well as Virgin Atlantic, easyJet and Ryanair.

Any passengers who are due to travel today or this weekend should check their flight status and give enough time to make it to the airport.


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