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Viral video shows car skidding out of control on snowy road in Norwich | Travel News | Travel

The viral video shows a car struggling to stay in control on the treacherous roads as the ‘Beast from the East’ storm plagues the country.

People have been left stranded as the roads are too dangerous to drive on.

Filmed from a car behind, the grey vehicle can be seen driving slowly forward in the blizzard.

As they attempt to go forwards, their wheels spin out of control. Suddenly the car is slipping sideways as they lose control.

Thankfully the skilled driver takes their time and leans into the skid.

The muddy snow is churned up but the car then rights themselves and drives forward.

Behind them, the cameraman who has been stationary the whole time then goes to drive on afterwards, hopefully just as carefully.

The Facebook video has since had over 258,000 views.

Many online users questioned why people were driving in the treacherous weather.

One asked: “Why are people out in these conditions??? It puts added pressure on emergency services who are already overstretched. If it’s not life and death don’t travel!”

Yet others realised that sometimes people have to drive no matter the weather.

They retorted: “How do you know they aren’t trying to get home or how do you know they aren’t emergency service workers?”

It isn’t the first time a number of cars were caught on camera when driving in icy weather.

The video starts with a car having crashed into the back of a lorry.

Suddenly another car loses control and slams into it at speed.

Another two cars join the collision due to the black ice preventing their brakes from working.


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