Viewers of The Chase astounded by The Dark Destroyer’s near perfect run – could YOU have beaten him?


THE Dark Destroyer left viewers of The Chase in awe as he crushed the dreams of three contestants in the final chase.

The trio, Elias, Ruth and Pete. had managed to secure a 19 question distance between them and imposing quiz fiend Shawn Wallace, but after a couple of pop-culture blunders, he made light work of them.

 Shawn Wallace was typically smug after ruining the dreams of a fresh batch of quizzers

Shawn Wallace was typically smug after ruining the dreams of a fresh batch of quizzers

Striding on to the podium, Shawn was quick to praise the hopefuls, who had secured a £15,000 prize pot.

He easily navigated the first three questions, but came a cropper with the next one.

Obviously not one for Christmas movies, Shawn failed to correctly name Will Ferrell’s character in Elf.

However, the contestants knew it was Buddy, pushing him back one place.

With the game resumed, Shawn got everything correct until question six, which was about cult noughties drama The Gilmour Girls.

Again the team pushed him back a square by answering it correctly.

 They team had nineteen spaces between them and the Chaser but he easily closed the gap

They team had nineteen spaces between them and the Chaser but he easily closed the gap

Shawn stumbled over the question after next, and the team also failed to guess correctly that Room on Fire and Angles were by The Strokes.

But from that moment on there were no more hiccups, and he ploughed through remaining thirteen questions as the contestants looked on anxiously.

“OK wow what a performance at the end there,” said Bradley. “It’s tough when they get going like that with that kind of rhythm.”

 Bradley was impressed with Shawn's might on the podium

Bradley was impressed with Shawn’s might on the podium

Shawn then described them as a “formidable team” before shrugging “just another day at the office.”

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People at home were quick to heap praise on the 57-year-old, who won Mastermind in 2004.

One said: “#thechase was a brilliant performance today from Sean well done.”

#TheChase Almost fell off my chair. Well done to The Destroyer !

— Mace Windu (@Mayce_Windu) October 4, 2017

Wow! The dark destroyer went through them like a knife through butter ?#TheChase

— Daniel Gormally (@elgransenor1) October 4, 2017

How did the chaser not know buddy the elf☹️ #thechase

— Natalie (@its_nataliex) October 4, 2017

Others added: “Good performance by Shaun….I don’t say that very often ?#gangofchase #thechase” and “Delighted The Dark Destroyer beat Ruth, Pete and Elias.”

Yesterday, Chaser The Vixen was left fuming after a blunder from one of the quizzers.

And last month one of the contestants revealed that he had a VERY famous dad.

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