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Video reveals why you should always be wary in your car of moving barriers in the road | Travel News | Travel

The driver of the vehicle was forced to stop upon entry through a set of black gates because of two moving bollards in the road.

To allow the car through, the security guard waiting by the gates had to unlock the bollards to get them to go down.

In a couple of swift movements the guard was able to let the barriers down – but what happened next was unexpected for the driver and the security guard.

After letting down the second moving bollard, the security guard walked away with his back to the car and propped his hat back on his head.

But with his back still turned, the driver began making their way through the gates.

Unbeknownst to the driver and security guard, the second barrier began to rise back up again.

Unaware the barrier was back up, the driver set off through the gates, accelerating at the same time.

Seconds later they drove into the bollard, and it wasn’t until a couple of moments after that the security guard realised what had happened.

The car’s wheel cap flew off, but luckily the driver escaped unscathed.

The video, which has gone viral, was uploaded to image sharing site Imgur and has had more than 403,000 views.

Britain saw temperatures plummet and heavy snowfall this week, and the adverse weather conditions caused havoc on many roads.

Another video that went viral showed a car struggling to stay in control on the treacherous roads.

Filmed from a car behind, the grey vehicle could be seen driving slowly forward in the blizzard.

As the driver attempt to go forwards, their wheels spin out of control. Suddenly the car is slipping sideways as they lose control.

Thankfully the skilled driver took their time and were able to take control of the skid.

The video uploaded to Facebook had over 258,000 views


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