Victorian girl blows $150k on ice

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BRODIE Bond was lucky to receive an inheritance of almost a quarter of a million dollars.

In just a few months, the 28-year-old from Morwell had blown more than half of it on ice, and the remaining $70,000 on booze, clothes and a car that she later crashed.

“It’s not every day you get that much money,” she told A Current Affair. “It destroyed my life.

“Probably around $150,000 went on ice in less than a year.

“I shopped at all the big clothes shops – Supre, Jay Jays, K-Mart, Big W… every time I’d go into a shop I’d spend $500. I had to have one of everything.”

“And I bought a car,” she added. “I crashed it. I could have been buying a house.”

Brodie wasn’t initially meant to inherit the money. She was estranged from her father and he hadn’t left her anything, but she contested his will and won.

She said she bought a slab of Jack Daniels to celebrate. “Why not? It’s not everyday you get that much money,” she said.

Old footage showed Brodie downing shots of hard liquor in quick succession at a party with a friend.

At these drug-fuelled parties, she would sometimes stay awake for more than a week using ice.

The girl had only dabbled in the dangerous drug in the past, but became a full-blown addict after receiving the money, she told the program.

She would use the money to buy drugs for the people she was hanging out with.

“If they got free drugs, that was all cool. I was everybody’s best friend,” she said.

Brodie said she was now broke, but that she was now on a much more positive path. She also claims she hasn’t touched drugs since January.

“I’m happy and free of drugs, in a different environment and lifestyle,” she said.

An Australian Criminal ­Intelligence Commission report released earlier this month found that country Victorians were using ice at a much higher rate than those in any other area of Australia.

Rural Victorians in one of the areas tested were taking up to 130 doses of ice a day per 1000 people, compared with a national average of 40 doses per 1000 people, the Herald Sun reported.

The report, which used sewage testing to conduct the research, found that the average consumption of ice in Australia had increased since August last year.

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