Two-toned lipstick and barmy eyebrows, the bonkers beauty trends that are popular this autumn – so would YOU try them?


SO far 2017 has proved itself to be a year of fearless beauty trends.

When it comes to eyebrows we’ve had anything from brow braids to feathers and squiggles.

 Cheryl championed the two-toned lip look on the catwalk for L'Oreal in Paris at the weekend

Getty – Contributor
Cheryl championed the two-toned lip look on the catwalk for L’Oreal in Paris at the weekend

Even the traditional eye-liner flick has been given a drastic makeover, with one trend seeing it turned backwards, where the thickening curve travels upwards towards the nose rather than the ears.

Now, as the darker evenings and colder weather sets in, we’ve taken a peek at the latest bonkers beauty looks doing the rounds on Instagram.

So how many of these would you dare to try out?

Two-toned lipstick

Cheryl makes catwalk debut at L’Oreal show for Paris Fashion Week alongside Dame Helen Mirren, Irina Shayk, Thylane Blondeau and Jane Fonda

On Sunday, former Girls Aloud singer Cheryl took to the catwalk in Paris for L’Oreal – a brand she has been a long-time ambassador for.

But it wasn’t just her bizarre outfit, made up of a silky nightie, shoulder-padded jacket and £1,300 plaid boots, that attracted a lot of attention.

The new mum wore bold purple lipstick on her bottom lip, while her top lip was painted fuchsia pink.

This two-tone lippy trend has been doing the rounds on Instagram since last month, with make-up artist Sheena S Reddy sharing a snap of a pink and purple mouth on her page.

#twotonelips #pinkandpurplelips Top #macmattenelipstick Bottom #anastasiabeverlyhillsliquidlipstickshade -Carina

A post shared by Sheena S Reddy (@susheebeauty) on Sep 12, 2017 at 8:32am PDT

Bushy brows

Celebs like Emma Watson have long been champions of bushy brows, and now the trend seems to be coming back into vogue.

Happily it seems we’re waving goodbye to wacky braided eyebrows and embracing this more natural look.

 Emma Watson has always been a fan of a more natural, bushy brow look

Getty – Contributor
Emma Watson has always been a fan of a more natural, bushy brow look

Glitter tears

As the glitter boobs craze fizzles out along with summer, beauty addicts are now relocating the sparkles to beneath their eyes.

The glitter tears trend has been springing up all over social media over the past few weeks.

Check out our guide for how best to recreate the look.

Squiggle lips

This bizarre trend has quite literally been making waves among beauty addicts.

The squiggle lip was first shared by YouTuber Lexington, who posted a FaceTuned image of her lips on Instagram with the caption: “New trend alert!”

Although the shot was clearly Photoshopped and a lighthearted joke, the spiky lips have caught on and actually inspired many to recreate the beauty look.

People have even taken it a step further, embracing a wavy brow while they’re at it…

Foil brows

Earlier this year a strange fashion craze saw women going out in nothing but black duct tape.

This switched to metallic gold over the summer, and now tin foil is the latest kitchen drawer beauty product.

A bizarre trend is seeing many cover their eyebrows in aluminium foil, or any other shiny foil they have to hand.

But would you be brave enough to rock the look?

Last one just because I’m feeling really proud of myself 🙂 I went into this course having never really learnt how to do makeup properly or work on other people. I’m such a nervous person but doing this course has really helped me with my confidence and people skills! Model: @karinalmonaghan HMUA: @kyeser_soze Photography: @splashphotographyworkshops Earrings: Fantasia Jewellery ( ) #mua #makeup #goldcoast #goldcoastmua #aicd #aicd_edu #bladerunner #scifimakeup #technoir #robot #cyborg #replicant #editorialmakeup #laudmagazine #cyberpunk #limecrimetrip #holographicmakeup #highlighter #silverbrows #browsonfleek #bluelips #model #falselashes #daiso #bumperbangs #victoryroll #studentmua

A post shared by Kyesha Keleher (@sylphidsfx_beauty) on May 25, 2017 at 9:28pm PDT

Glitter tongues

Not content with glitzy boobs, bums and eyebrows, people are now coating their TONGUES in the sparkly stuff.

Jacinta Vukovic appears to be the make-up artist behind the unusual trend, having stumbled across it while testing out a new look.

Since then others have followed in her footsteps…

Thirsty for #weirdwednesday like ??? #glittertongue

A post shared by ? (@filmgypsy) on Aug 23, 2016 at 7:52pm PDT


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