This Kim Kardashian lookalike claims she spends £3,000 on make-up A MONTH


A BEAUTY blogger dubbed ‘Dubai’s answer to Kim Kardashian’ doesn’t just look like the reality star – she spends like her too.

Huda Kattan, 34, founder of Instagram favourite Huda Beauty, has opened up about the staggering amount she forks out every month on make-up alone.

 Huda Kattan has been compared to Kim Kardashian

Huda Kattan has been compared to Kim Kardashian

She told Elle South Africa: “I can spend a minimum of $4,000 (£3,000) a month on makeup.

“People get surprised because they’re like, ‘why do you still buy products?’ There are so many indie brands like Dose of Color, Morphe and Lime Crime that I like to buy, or I’m impulsively shopping on Sephora or Net-A-Porter.

“I do spend a lot on beauty products.”

Huda then recalled a recent trip to LA, where she found herself returning with thee suitcases filled with make-up alone.

She said: “I’ll head to Macy’s and get products from Lorac and Oribe and R & Co.

“We still don’t have everything [in Dubai] when it comes to beauty.

 Originally from Dubai, Huda spends a lot of time in Los Angeles networking... and shopping for make-up

Originally from Dubai, Huda spends a lot of time in Los Angeles networking… and shopping for make-up
 Huda has over 21 million Instagram followers

Huda has over 21 million Instagram followers

“I’ll pop into Sally Beauty Supply and buy small little pro items like hair ties, hair clips and curling irons, loads of brushes, and things that I need consistently.

“I left LA with three luggages and I came back with fifteen or sixteen.

 Huda has a love of the finer things in life - just like Kim

Huda has a love of the finer things in life – just like Kim
 Kim Kardashian (second left) and Huda Kattan (third left)

Kim Kardashian (second left) and Huda Kattan (third left)
 Huda's similarity to Kim is uncanny

Huda’s similarity to Kim is uncanny

“It’s a lot. I had three bags just filled with makeup and haircare products.”

In 2012, Hollywood Life reported that 36-year-old Kim spends $2,175 (£1,622) a WEEK on beauty products and treatments.

The site claimed that amongst the ins and outs of her grooming Reggie were “several manis and pedis each week ($150 a session).”

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With so much Instagramming going on, it’s no surprise her nails get worn out – but £111 a manicure seems a bit steep.

Huda and her brand have a huge following on Instagram, with 21.6 million followers regularly checking out her incredible make-up tutorials and reposted makeovers from artists around the world.

One of her fans is Kim K herself, who was one of her first customers when she launched her fake eyelashes in 2013.

Kim still uses the brand to give her the OTT red carpet eyes she’s best known for, and has become friends with Huda, who even gave her new KKW Beauty range a glowing endorsement.

The two cosmetics-lovers were seen enjoying lunch in Los Angeles – and it was quite hard to tell them apart.

Kim Kardashian gives a make-up tutorial while wearing a plunging bikini top

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