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THIS common mistake is secretly KILLING your car's engine during the bad weather spell

Driving in the snow and ice is dangerous for drivers as the risk of accident increases dramatically. 

Bad weather, including snowfall, ice and strong winds, is expected to continue in the UK over the next few days. 

This could spell more bad news, not only for motorists, but also their cars. 

Drivers could be putting their car under needless stress before they’ve even set-off on their early morning commute.

On a cold morning one typical thing for drivers to do is to get into their car and start the engine and wait for a round 10 minutes until it heats up. 

This means that the cabin gets nice and toasty and the engine has a few minutes to warm up. 

Some cars even come with remote starters which pre-heats the vehicle before you even get in it. 

This could be, however, secretly causing your car damage.

Car engines don’t benefit at all from being warmed up before driving. You’re actually making your engine suffer and polluting the environment by leaving your engine ticking over idle.

This is a common bad habit committed by a lot of drivers, which could be acting as a catalyst for wear and tear. 

Drivers are better off turning the engine on and waiting for about 10-30 seconds before driving off. 

This way the car gets up to temperature quicker in the safest and most economical way. 

Turning the engine on and immediately driving lightly warms the car up much faster than idling.

A spokesperson for the Scrapcarcomparison.co.uk says: “When an engine has been sitting long enough for the temperature gauge to rest on the bottom peg, lubricants may have drained out of the upper sections of the engine, so don’t go thrashing the engine!

“The engine needs some time for parts to reach optimal temperatures and lubricants to flow throughout it. 

“Most fuel-injected cars don’t need to sit static and warm up, they can be driven as soon as ignition is achieved, but high revolutions per minute should be limited until the temperature gauge is sitting where it spends most of its time during normal use.”


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