They called her the “sexiest woman in the world,” and she does her best to prove them right.


Tulisa Contostavlos was named the most sexy woman in the world by FHM before being involved in a drug and alcohol scandal. But now the artist has come back and seems to be doing everything possible to take her place in the top most wanted women in the world.

The beautiful brunette was photographed repeatedly while she was at the beach, and her bathing suits are carefully chosen, each to reveal something.

This week’s suit is reminded of the Baywatch series: one red, very sexy piece. Of course, as we have already used, Tulisa does not appear at the beach other than makeup.

But Tulia gets more and more sexy when she’s not on the beach. From shorts to full-blown pants, the singer is in her best physical shape, and her appearances attract all men.

The pictures made by the paparazzi, and the personal pictures that the brunette is posting on Instagram, prove that it is not far from the “bad girl” style, which, in my opinion, is wonderful.



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