These goofy looking mutts have been outed by their owners in hilarious Snapchats… and their facial expressions say it all


A CUTE gallery of the dopiest looking dogs on Snapchat has been shared online.

Pet-lovers will know just how easy it is to get carried away sharing snaps of their furry friends.

 This pooch was definitely giving their granny puppy dog eyes

Jam Press
This pooch was definitely giving their granny puppy dog eyes

Many a dog-owner’s camera roll will be chock-full of endearing snaps of their mutt taken from every possible angle – and sometimes a hilarious action shot makes it into the mix.

While we know that our pooches are renowned for being great companions, loyal and smart, these snaps show just how dopey our dogs can also be.

From the pup who didn’t understand fetch to the hound who loves to poke his tongue out, these canines love a daft pose.

Here are some of the funniest.

Who could resist those eyes?

Jam Press

Who doesn’t love a spud?

Jam Press

Wild thing

Jam Press

Pure disappointment.

Jam Press

Say cheese!

Jam Press

The eyes have it

Jam Press

What’s not to lick?

Jam Press

Keeping pup-dated

Jam Press

Water sight

Jam Press

Somebody bought a plus one…

Jam Press

What else are friends for…

Jam Press

Grin and bear it

Jam Press

That smile is something else

Jam Press

Fur frenzy

Jam Press

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