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The Originals season 5 streaming: How to watch The Originals online and stream | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

When will The Originals season 5 be released?

The Vampire Diaries sister show will premiering in America on US network The CW on April 20.

The Originals is then expected to air on Netflix for British viewers but no release date has yet been given.

Season five of The Originals will feature a total of 13 episodes, making it the shortest run in the show’s history.

Every other season of The Originals has consisted of 22 episodes all together.


This year will mark a reboot for The Originals after fans were teased with a lengthy trailer for the forthcoming run at San Diego Comic-Con last year.

Season five will leave the original characters, the Mikaelson siblings, to one side and follow Hope Mikaelson (played by Danielle Rose Russell).

The final run will concentrate on how Hope navigates her way through the Salvatore Boarding School for the Gifted and Talented.


How to watch The Originals season 5

It’s expected that The Originals season five will be available for fans in the UK on Netflix but this is dependent on whether the producers have made a deal with the streaming giant.

Seasons three and four of The Originals dropped on Netflix in one go in August 2017 in the UK.

Based on this release, season five of The Originals could be landing on Netflix in August 2018.

But if it follows the format of other CW shows like iZombie and Riverdale, The Originals will available on the streaming platform 24 hours after broadcast.

Will there be another season of The Originals?

Unfortunately for fans, season five will be the last one for The Originals.

Showrunner Julie Plec released a statement last year confirming that it would be the final instalment.

The statement read: “This year, we invite you to help us say goodby to The Originals, which begins shooting its fifth and final season on Monday.

“It’s both a gift and a burden to be able to control the ending of a series.

“Many shows are not lucky enough to have a hand in deciding when the end has come.

“Being able to celebrate the completion of The Vampire Diaries was a joyful and deeply emotional ride, a luxury gifted by Mark Pedowitz at The CW and Peter Roth at WBTV, who, as TV fans themselves, know what it means when a fan is able to say goodbye.”

“Ending a show is always bittersweet, but for me, it’s a true blessing to be a part of making that choice.”

The Originals season 5 airs on The CW on April 20.


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