The first pictures of Kate Middleton in charge of the third child. The Duchess of Cambridge showed her pregnant belly


12 weeks pregnant, Kate Middleton first appeared in public since Kensington Palace has announced that it expects the third child of the couple. Dressed in a blue dress, along with princes William and Harry, the Duchess of Cambridge attended a reception at the Buckingham Palace, writes The Sun.

Kate appeared brilliantly with her husband and brother-in-law at the reception, shortly after the British press wrote that she was going to have a girl and that she would be called Alice.

The Duchess has not appeared in the public lately because it suffers from dysgradiation (“Hyperemesis gravidarum”), a severe form of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, which is more severe than the usual toxicity during pregnancy, which women feel usually in the morning.

At the Buckingham reception, Kate seemed to feel very good, smiled all the time, spoke with the guests, and seemed very relaxed. However, her condition is not yet good enough to take on all her royal duties.

The Kensington Palace announced on September 4 that Prince William’s wife is expecting a third child. She has not been seen in public since August 30, when she attended with William and Harry at the 20th Diana, the Princess of Wales, commemorating the death.

The Tuesday evening event marked World Mental Health Day and wanted to thank all those involved in the Heads Together program for their progress, hard work and dedication in the battle to raise awareness of mental health issues.

William, Kate and Harry have supported this issue together with the Heads Together campaign on mental health, which encouraged people to talk about their psychological problems.



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