The Best Horror Movies 2017 So Far


Movies can bounced in a way that nothing else could do. The different categories and genres of productions delight us and take our time in a relaxing way. But they also make us think about the world that surrounds us and shocks us through their realism. But for horror enthusiasts, the best horror movies in 2017 should be of interest.

Here are the best horror movies this year, right now

1. Berlin Syndrome

filme horror

This thriller features a woman who travels alone in the big world. Arrived in Berlin, Germany, Clare (the protagonist) meets a guy, Andi. She is spellbound and goes home to him. Here, terror, both physical and psychic, is waiting for her, being tortured for months by the mentally manless man.

Production makes you question what can be beautiful at first glance and warns you that not everything flying, eating and eating (in other words). The film does not have a big mark on IMDB 6.3, but it shows a lot of suspense.

2. The Girl with All the Gifts

filme horror

This thriller with drama accents tells a story about the end of humanity and about a young woman who could be the antidote to save the world. Also, if you love a movie inspired by award-winning writing, find out that the film is based on the book by the same name of British author Mike Carey.

This film has a 6.7 IMDB rating.

3. Life

This is a thriller with SF elements in which scientists on board an international orbital station encounter a dangerous life form that has destroyed Martian life and is now also endangering people’s lives. In this production we can see actors Rebecca Ferguson, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds.

The film has a 6.6 IMDB rating.

4. Get Out

This horror movie is scary and tells a fairly realistic story about racism and superiority. It is rather a horror presentation of modern culture and of white and black people. Chris protagonist is disturbed by meeting his beloved (white) parents, but he gets to feel on his skin what they actually think and what society they think about their color and their influence.

The film starred Allison Williams (Girl) and Daniel Kaluuya (Sicario). She scores 7.8 on the IMDB

5. Personal Shopper

This thriller with Kristen Stewart, also nominated in Cannes, is disturbing. The actress plays Maureen, a ‘personal shopper’, who was going through Paris to reconnect with her dead brother. It’s not just a fashion movie. It’s a movie with supernatural and dramatic elements that has a rating of 6.2 on IMDB.

6. It

This frightening film adapted from Stephen King’s book has been released in cinemas across the country since September 8, 2017. It’s a diabolical supernatural clown obsessed with killing children. But this film is about friendship, development and fears.

Production was rated 7.8 with IMDB.




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