The Bachelor’s Bekah Martinez Flaunts Unshaved Armits

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The Bachelor‘s Bekah Martinez is growing out her armpit hair — and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it.

The candid reality star, 22, flaunted her unshaved armpits and opened up about learning to embrace her body hair on Instagram.

“And yeah, I don’t shave my armpits when I don’t feel like it,” Martinez said as she lifted up her arm to reveal her hairy pits. “I don’t know. I don’t feel like it right now. I shave my legs most of the time but I just don’t really care.”

She continued, “Also I don’t see why I should need to1 Plus I get so freaking itchy and get eczema under my armpits when I do shave and then waxing is expensive. And doing it myself, I mean I used to wax ‘em myself but it is just a hassle. Bottom line I just don’t care.”

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Because of her Mexican heritage, Martinez said she’s always had dark body hair and has felt pressure to constantly shave. “You know what being half Mexican I have a lot of body hair and it was always something I was really insecure about,” she said.

Now, she’s not only embracing her armpit hair, but also her body hair all over (besides her legs) which she doesn’t remove anymore. “It is kind of liberating now at this point to be like you know what? If somebody doesn’t like me because of my pit hair, fuck em! It’s just the way I was made. I can’t help it,” Martinez said. 

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She went on to question the societal standards that make women feel like they must shave, wax or laser their body hair in order to feel beautiful. “I don’t know where the social expectation came from that I am supposed to shave down there. I do not want red razor bumps all over my lady parts and I don’t want to be a man who expects me to do so. I’d rather have the hair and I want to look like a woman, not like an 11 year old,” the reality star said. 

“There’s so many societal standards. I feel like if you can fight against any standard, even if it is jut going to the grocery store without hiding your acne under foundation,” Martinez continued. “That’s a victory. You’re sticking it to society.”

Still, it wasn’t easy for Martinez to become so comfortable embracing her natural, unshaved self. “I just want to say it is not easy to stop caring about removing your body hair. It is really really difficult because it has been conditioned within us by society to believe that we’re ugly if we’re hairy even if it is something we’re born with,” she said. 

“I get it. I still shave my legs because I honestly can’t handle when people stare at them. They’re very hairy when I don’t shave them. I don’t like it,” Martinez admitted. “Even little children that I take care of like four or five-year-old girls will be like, ‘Oh your legs are so hairy. Oh your underarms are so hairy.’ And it is like, damn! Even straight out of the womb we are taught that women should be hairless.”

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