The 40 thoughts we had while watching the Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer


THE wait is over – The Last Jedi finally has a trailer.

A 2:30 teaser clip for the eighth instalment in the beloved saga dropped today, and Star Wars fans have been poring over every detail like the unrelenting nerds we are.

 The new trailer is dripping with suspense ahead of the December release

The new trailer is dripping with suspense ahead of the December release

Out on December 15, the eagerly-awaited space epic continues our journey through Disney’s sequel trilogy, centred on the battle between the Resistance and the First Order.

But with fans still in the dark about many of the details, the action-packed trailer seems to throw up more questions than it answers.

We’ve got two months left until we can re-immerse ourselves in that galaxy far, far away – but at least we’ve got this teaser to keep us going until then.

May the Force be with us…

0.04 – Cue dark opening shot of emo baddie Kylo Ren.

Of course, Star Wars’ moodiest character since teenage Anakin can’t be bothered to switch the lights on.

0.08 In true sequel-trilogy style, AT-ATs are back, re-imagined as hulking killer gorillas.

Ever the buzzkill, mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke is on the mic. “When I found you, I saw war,” he rasps.

0.13 “Untamed power,” he says. So why are we being shown a mob of hapless stormtroopers?

0.17 Adorable. Kylo’s DIY lightsaber looks like it’s held together with duct tape. But surely that protruding wire can’t be safe?

0.23 Snoke is banging on about “something truly special” as we jump cut to Rey, still on her adventure holiday with Luke.

0.32 The Resistance investment drive into drone technology is really paying off. This shot of Ahch-To, known in this galaxy as Ireland, is truly stunning.

0.36 Woah! Nice robo-hand. Like father, like son.

0.40 “Something inside me has always been there,” says Rey, on her merry way to… Mordor?

0.41 “And now it’s awake.” What on Earth are we looking at?

0.44 Another stunning shot of Ahch-To, complete with our heroes silhouetted against the ocean.

Star Wars never needed CGI to be mind-blowing.

0.47 Smooth moves from Rey. If the mere sound of that lightsaber being swung doesn’t send your heart fluttering then you must be a droid.

0.50 It’s an earthquake…

0.53 … and Rey caused it? A grizzled Luke lets us know that he’s “seen this raw strength only once before.” Cryptic.

0.56 Another robo-hand? What is it with Star Wars and missing limbs?

0.58 R2! Luke continues: “It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now.”

1.03 Cut to Rey looking troubled. You alright, Daisy?

1.04 Cut to Kylo looking troubled – leaving us to guess which of the two will end up turning. Sneaky.

1.07 He’s taken his childhood angst to a whole new extreme and… got a face tattoo?


1.09 Ouch. That looks expensive. There’s an epic space battle brewing…

1.14 New TIE fighter alert! Kylo sends us spinning with his nifty green-lazered craft.

Meanwhile, he’s been talking to himself. “Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to. That’s the only way to become what you were meant to be.”

1.17 The late, great Carrie Fisher. The princess lives on.

1.24 We flash between shots of Kylo and his grieving mum, Leia, as the moody villain’s finger hovers over a trigger.

He looks like he could really use the loo.

1.29 Here comes the Falcon! We’ve all missed the fastest piece of junk in the galaxy.

1.31 Of course, wherever the Falcon goes, everyone’s favourite walking carpet isn’t far behind.

1.33 Merchandise klaxon! It’s a porg.

Either the most adorable thing since ewoks or the most annoying thing since Jar Jar, depending on your perspective.

1.39 That’s what we’re talking about! Poe is causing all sorts of havoc in his X-wing.

The born survivor says, in a bizarrely roundabout way: “We are the spark that will light the fire that will burn the first order down.” Not exactly a catchy battle cry.

1.40 Phasma of the Carribean! The First Order captain has a futuristic new weapon: a sword…?

1.42 Finn is clearly game for a bit of high-stakes intergalactic swordplay as well. “Come on” indeed.

1.44 You may not be sure about stormtroopers getting stuck into saber battles, but there’s no denying that this shot is beyond epic.

1.45 Shocking scenes asBB-8 comes over all high-voltage. To be fair, that probably serves him right for being such a cheeky so-and-so.

1.48 Wait. Is this a trailer for Star Wars or Pokemon?

1.53 “This isn’t going to go the way you think,” says Luke, as he faces off with Rey. Is a showdown on the cards?

1.54 Cut to Finn looking sad, surrounded by First Order stormtroopers. Has he been captured or is he back willingly? So many questions…

1.55 The boys are all ready for a night on the tiles.

1.56 The gorillas are back, and they look angry. This one’s for Harambe.

1.57 Another epic-looking battle sequence, with smouldering TIE fighters and… weird red dust everywhere? Who cares – this scene looks great.

1.59 Woah – it’s Snoke. He should probably get that checked out.

2.00 The film’s leading lady is in some serious distress. Either that, or she’s just realised we still have months to go before The Last Jedi is out.

2.10 “I need someone to show me my place in all this,” Ray says, as Kylo offers up a gloved hand.

Surely not…

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