Terrified woman who bought her ‘dream home’ after a windfall is too scared to stay there after hearing ‘banging noises’ and ‘footsteps in the hall’ late at night


A TERRIFIED woman has revealed how living in her dream home has become a nightmare – because strange noises and “footsteps in the hall” have left her spooked.

The Mumsnet user, who bought a remote detached house after a windfall, has been “spooked” by “banging in the walls” every night after she goes to bed, no matter what time she retires, plus her dog barking at nothing and refusing to go outside at night.

 The homeowner is terrified by the nightly noises she hears in her dream home

Getty – Contributor
The homeowner is terrified by the nightly noises she hears in her dream home

On Sunday night, she claimed she heard sinister footsteps and called the police – and she said she “didn’t want to spend another night in my spooky house.”

But she revealed she felt trapped because she wouldn’t be able to sell the house, which had been on the market for years before she bought.

The woman wrote: “I came into a lot of money a few months ago and bought a house I’d always loved. It’s in its own grounds (so no neighbours) on the outskirts of a small village. Nearest neighbours are a 20 minute walk away.

“My husband and I split up soon after I bought it and with everything going on, I only moved into it last week. I’m here on my own.

 The terrified woman hears banging in the walls after she goes to bed

Getty – Contributor
The terrified woman hears banging in the walls after she goes to bed

“First night was fine. Second night I kept hearing banging in the walls which I assumed to be pipes as it’s an old house. 3rd night more banging but it seemed too “organised” to be random pipe clattering. I was really spooked out this night, no other reason other than the pipe noises. This has continued every single night since.

“On Saturday night I was watching TV and I just felt really f***ing spooked for no reason at all. I just felt like I wasn’t alone in the house and was so frightened I actually felt sick.

“The banging never starts until I go to bed (no matter how late that is) and that was playing on my mind too.

“That night the dog just went mental all of a sudden and started growling and barking and looking around him frantically. I started crying, which is unlike me, I was so frightened.

 The remote farmhouse (not pictured) was unsold for many years before the Mumsnet user bought it

Getty – Contributor
The remote farmhouse (not pictured) was unsold for many years before the Mumsnet user bought it

“On Sunday night I was again watching TV and heard footsteps coming from the hallway. I know the house has been a target for burglaries in the past so I s**t myself and called the police who wouldn’t come as they said unless they know for sure someone is in the house they don’t have the resources.

“I opened the living room door to let the dog out and he wouldn’t go. There was nobody there anyway unless they’d been in and gone again.”

She went on to say she had met a villager on who had told her his grandfather had worked at the house, when it was a farm, and that he had never had a problem.

But he told her creepy stories saying, “his cousin was playing there as a kid and was told to be quiet by a woman upstairs.

“Another story was that a horse was butchered there but nobody knew how. He then said all the stories are bullshit, it’s just an old house.”

 Hanne (Sarah-Sofie Boussnina) stars in Black Lake

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Hanne (Sarah-Sofie Boussnina) stars in Black Lake

The woman searched the house name online and found “a weird forum where people tell paranormal stories and my actual house was featured on it.

“Nothing solid other than a story about a horse been shot in the drive way and the owner at the time denying that he ever had a horse and a story about late night fox hunters which didn’t make much sense.

“Another one though was about the cellar containing a tunnel which is blocked up but still there. I’ve not been down there so have no idea how true this is.”

She added that she had got the house at a reduced price but didn’t think she could sell it without losing a lot of money.

She said: “I don’t want to stay here but I know it’s a ridiculous reason!!

“I don’t even believe in ghosts or anything daft like that but the house seriously f***ing my head.”

Other users offered advice, with many saying they would call in a priest.

One told her: “Vicars deal with this sort of thing quite happily. Get on the phone to your local one and they’ll come round.

“Try to make it ‘yours’ asap by decorating and smell is very evocative so I’d get some of those nice smell/reedy things (can’t remember the name now) all over.

“Hang on in there and I’m sure you’ll be fine. And stop reading spooky websites!”

Another added: “I lived in a creepy house as a student. We got a priest in!!

“It put our minds and rest and he was very nice about it, said he got asked to do it often.”

One user told her to “Make friends with your house” by “saying out loud ‘I want us to be friends. I plan to live here and look after you.’”

However some were a bit spooked by the story with one writing; “OMG you need to check the cellar!!!”

Brownmouse added: “On the market for YEARS? That’s weird… A lodger would be good. A BIG lodger.”

But some suspected the “spooked” lady had been watching the Scandinavian horror series Black Lake.

One cynical reader wrote: “You need to put up cameras linked to your lap top pointing towards the cellar door, wander around at night in a daze, if you wake up after a nightmare and a red eye you’re doomed…Oh sorry that’s the plot to Black Lake which it sounds like you were watching.”

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