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Su Pollard reveals her love for Las Vegas | Travel News | Travel


Twenty years ago, on the South Island of New Zealand where I’d been working.

Along with cast members, we visited an Albatross breeding colony. We were there at the exact moment the chicks started hatching and emerged from the eggs.

It was the most magical experience. We also saw two penguins arm in arm. I am totally smitten with New Zealand.


New York with my sister Jean. We joined a four-hour bus sightseeing tour in freezing temperatures visiting areas such as Queens and Brooklyn.

It was pouring with rain and the windows were held together with gaffer tape to stop the water getting in.

But the roof leaked terribly. By the time we got off, they could have chopped off our feet and we wouldn’t have felt the pain. The only good part was that I saw a brownstone house where Barbra Streisand once lived.

I’m one of her biggest fans.


A beautiful mask from a temple in Bali on honeymoon with my then husband Peter who proposed to me when I was dressed as an insect on the set of Hi-de-Hi!

It’s a fabulous thing. It’s never moved since I hung it up 34 years ago. It’s supposed to ward off evil spirits. It’s part of my collection of masks from so many different countries.


I love it when you find other people’s books they’ve left behind on their travels.

In a cottage in Derbyshire I came across Cecil Beaton: Memoirs Of The 40s which is about the wonderful photographer, different stars he had photographed and his obsessive love for Greta Garbo. He was really innovative and he had a lot of wisdom in his words.

He would write things such as: “Perhaps the world’s second worst crime is boredom. The first is being a bore.”


If I’m in somewhere like Spain or the US, I love to explore and go to the local bars because chances are that’s where the locals actually go.

I was in a bar with my then husband in San Francisco and we got chatting to these chaps who lived in the area and one flounced off. So I said to this chap, oh dear are you having a domestic? And he said, oh no, I do my own cleaning! After that we started chatting about the differences between English and American and we kept in touch for years.


Las Vegas. I was there recently for a new ITV show Last Laugh In Vegas living in a house with famous names from the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties including Anita Harris and Bobby Crush. We went horse riding on a ranch in Nevada. I’d love to go back and spend more time in the vast house with sweeping staircases where we were based.


Russia. I’ve always wanted to go to the Moscow Kremlin to see some of the beautiful buildings including the Grand Kremlin Palace and Red Square.

● Last Laugh In Vegas is on Tuesday, April 3, at 9pm on ITV


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