Shakira’s father broke the silence and said everything about his daughter’s marriage to Gerard Pique


Lately, it has been written about Shakira and Gerard Pique that they have said “Adio” and the artist has already moved from the house where they lived together, but the two never confirmed these rumors. Moreover, the two were surprised over the past few days while holding their arms and kissing with passion, demonstrating that they love themselves the same day.

In addition, Shakira’s parents, William Meberak and Nidia Ripoll, who spent a few days in Barcelona to spend time with their grandchildren, broke the silence and clarified their daughter’s and the famous soccer player’s status for the Chance news agency.

“We are just as happy as ever, we are all happy,” William said, fed up with false information circulating in the press. Asked, however, about Pique’s position on the Catalan referendum, he avoided answering, saying only: “We are not talking about this issue. We are Colombians. ”

The father of famous artist Shakira broke the silence and said everything about his daughter’s marriage to footballer Gerard Pique
The first reaction and public appearance of Shakira after the rumors that he broke up with Gerard Piqué. Why it was harshly criticized by fans

Shakira and Gerard Pique were surprised while kissing with passion
Moreover, on Instagram accounts, Shakira and Pique appeared together, which shows once again that the two do not face any crisis in their marriage. A local television surprised them as they kissed passionately on the street

“It’s a 100% couple,” a friend of Shakira and Pique said, and for the US Weekly magazine.

Although there is a 10-year difference between them, Shakira and Pique form a 7-year-old couple and have two children together, Milan (4 years) and Sasha (2 years).



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