Raven Lexy was the protagonist of a photo shoot on the beaches of Malibu as neither the biggest Hollywood divas have posed.


The young woman made a show in a nearly transparent bustier and a pair of pants too short for her posterior. There followed a whole game for the sake of art, of course, immortalized by photographs from all angles.

The sexy brunette poured water on his carved body, spread across the sand in the most fiery positions and played with the camera.

Raven Lexy is a woman who knows what she wants and always gets what she proposes. It also characterizes ambition and style without inhibitions.
The young woman is a model of the profession that appeared on the cover of magazines for men, fitness or entertainment, but the great passion remains the cinema.
Raven is an aspirant for the title of actress, tapping small roles in films such as “Estudio 2” (2005), “Obsidian Hearts” (2012) and “Sleeping Beauty” (2014).



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