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Queen: Prince Charles kiss with Australian bikini babe revealed in Channel 5 documentary | Life | Life & Style

Prince Charles, 69, was one of the world’s most eligible bachelors in his youth, as the heir to the British throne.

The royal, who would later go on to marry Diana, Princess of Wales, was a hot commodity on the dating scene and in the press.

He was linked to many women, including Lucia Santa Cruz, Anna Wallace and Sibylla Dorman, daughter of the Governor of Malta.

In tonight’s documentary bystanders give their accounts of the mania surrounding Prince Charles’ love life.

Journalist, Dame Anne Leslie recalls a conversation with the Prince’s uncle, Lord Mountbatten, in which she berates him for advising the young heir to the throne to marry a virgin.

She told him “You’re mad, I mean this is the seventies. There cannot be a virgin in the land.”

Another expert said: “Almost every working day in the five years I was at the palace we had a call asking us, who is Prince Charles going to marry, and asking would we comment on so and so.

“It was unending interest.”

The Prince was once snapped on a beach in Australia, when a young girl in a bikini ran up to the royal and enthusiastically tried to kiss him.

An expert said: “There is obviously going to be special interest to the heir to the throne.

“Where he went or whatever he did there is going to be a camera or somebody to pick up something he might have said or going to somebody ‘did he say this?’.

“There was always a picture of him and even in Australia when he came out of the sea there was a girl chasing him and trying to kiss him, it never stopped.”

Tonight’s programme also revealed intimate details into Princess Margaret’s affair with Roddy Llewellyn. 

She recalled the incident: “I remember being on the doorstep when Colin drove back and Princess Margaret and Roddy were sitting in the back seat.

“They were more or less holding hands and I thought ‘Heavens, what have we done?’”

Pregnant Kate Middleton is currently expecting her third child. What sex with the royal baby be? 


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