President Duterte calls God ‘silly’

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PHILIPPINES President Rodrigo Duterte has sparked controversy within the predominantly Catholic nation for calling God “silly,” however his spokesman has defended the contentious assertion as his private perception.

Duterte made the assertion on Friday night throughout a speech in his southern residence metropolis of Davao, the place he questioned God’s logic within the Biblical creation story of Adam and Eve.

“Adam ate (the fruit of information), then malice was born. Who is that this silly God?” he stated.

“That son of a b***h is silly if that’s the case. You created one thing excellent and then you definately consider an occasion that may tempt and destroy the standard of your work.”

Duterte additionally questioned the rationale of unique sin, noting, “That was your mom and father’s deed — you weren’t born but, however now you could have unique sin. What sort of faith is that? I can’t settle for it.”

Amid criticisms over Duterte’s statements, presidential spokesman Harry Roque urged the general public to simply accept that the chief tends to make use of robust language when he expresses his beliefs.

“That’s the private perception of the president,” Mr Roque stated. “We’re free to consider in faith and we’re additionally free to not consider in faith. The President has his private non secular beliefs.

“We can’t fault the president if he has no sense of hypocrisy and we must always settle for that as a result of even when he was only a candidate, he by no means hid that from us.”

Duterte has up to now lambasted the Catholic Church within the Philippines, the place greater than 80 per cent of the inhabitants practices the faith, calling clergymen out for allegations of corruption and sexual abuse.

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