Pink released a new song – „Whatever You Want”


Pink singer released a new song and announced the exact dates she will perform at her “Beautiful Trauma” tournament in America. The new song is called “Whatever You Want” and was released by the artist on YouTube’s music channel Thursday.

This is a song that resembles more with the latest soul pieces released by the singer. In fact, it’s a real ballad with a strong message that somehow announces her future album “Beautiful Trauma”.

The new song has almost 4 minutes and still does not have a video, on the PinkVEVO personal page, only the version of the video with lyrics and a special animation created for it. “Whatever You Want” was published on October 5, 2017 and already has about 248,000 views on YouTube.

This beautiful ballad is a celebration of love and the obstacles faced by her. The lyrics of this song say this very clearly: “I feel like our ship is going down tonight. But it’s always darkest before the light. And that’s enough to try. ”

The song is accompanied by wonderful guitar chords that seem to encourage love and relationships that go over different obstacles.

“Whatever You Want” will appear on the album “Beautiful Trauma”, the 7th album of the artist’s career

Pink told

“There was no other objective than not having an album full of slow and sad songs, because that’s all I’ve had for a while. And I wanted to make better recordings than I did before. ”

After the release of this recording, Pink singer will dedicate 100% to a 40-day tournament that will start in Phoenix in March 2018. Also, in order to emphasize his new album, the artist will also appear in a short film called “On The Record: Pink – Beautiful Trauma”. This movie is from Apple Music and will be available as of October 13, when the new album will be released.



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