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Paul Burrell shaken as Princess Diana’s SECRET car crash is revealed | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The royal butler is currently enduring a second stint on I’m A Celebrity where he has been spilling more secrets about his time with Princess Diana.

However, Burrell was astounded when celebrity psychic John Edward dug up details about a collision involving Diana, Princess of Wales which took place before her fatal crash in 1997.

“You had a friend who passed in a vehicle accident,” Edward said. “Were there two car accidents?”

He went on: “I’m feeling like there were two car accidents – almost like one was foreshadowing and one was tragic.”

Burrell was visibly confused until he remembered: “’Yes! You couldn’t possibly know that.”

The medium continued: “I feel like you have been ostracised. I feel like you are the outcast, your need for validation from your friend’s family… [it’s] not coming. Like, not coming.”

What’s more, Edward uncovered very precise details of Diana’s bedroom, bringing Burell to the brink of tears when he brought up a glass bird.

“The glass bird is the (René) Lalique glass bird,” Burell gasped.

“That’s what it is. It sat on a side table. He could not have known about a glass Lalique in the Princesses room… impossible.”

Burrell then recalled a particular dress of Diana’s, which he revealed also appears in many of his dreams about the late mother-of-two.

“I do have a dream of me sitting alone with the Princess crossed legged on the floor and she is wearing a blue dress,” he explained.

“It’s the last dress I saw her in. I have never told anybody about that particular dream.”

During his return to I’m A Celebrity for the Australian version of the popular ITV series, Burrell has made several bold claims abut the royals.


Last week, Burrell claimed Prince Charles ditched Princess Diana after Prince Harry’s birth.

Speaking in the I’m A Celebrity camp, he told campmate Kerry Armstrong: “She [Diana] told me on the night that Harry was born, Charles came to visit. 

“He wasn’t at the birth. Harry is lying in the cot, and he said, ‘Red hair, I suppose that’s a Spencer gene.’

“She said, ‘Are you pleased, Charles?’ And he said, ‘I’m delighted. I now have an heir and a spare.’

“She said, ‘Well, that’s an odd thing to say,’ before asking him, ‘Why are you dressed up in black tie?’”

Burrell went on to add that Diana said: “He told her, ‘My work is done, isn’t it, now? I’m off to the theatre with Camilla.’

“She said, ‘On the night that Harry was born, I cried myself to sleep, knowing my marriage was over’.”

Both Prince Harry and his older brother William were born at St Mary’s Hospital. Harry arrived at 4.20pm on 15 September 1984. 

Given the media interest that has always surrounded a royal birth, images captured the first time Prince Charles arrived at the hospital to visit his newborn son Harry. 

He was pictured wearing a navy suit with a pocket handkerchief. Diana’s former butler, Burrell’s version of her events is at odds with the photographs taken at the time.  

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here airs on Channel 10.


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