Outrage as sick golfer BEHEADS defenceless goose with a golf club while pals stand around filming


A BRUTAL golfer has been caught on film decapitating a defenceless goose with a club – in a sick cruelty case which has shocked Finland.

The sick thug is seen lining up the back of the bird’s neck, as if addressing a golf ball, before performing a full swing and slicing the poor creature’s head off.

 The golfer lines up his execution shot as his pal films

The golfer lines up his execution shot as his pal films
 He swings down and takes the goose's head clean off

He swings down and takes the goose’s head clean off

The video – first revealed on LiveLeak – is said to have been filmed by his mates at the plush Vantaa Golf Park, near the Finnish capital of Helsinki.

As soon as the video was posted on the internet, bosses at the club launched an investigation and called in the local police.

Ville Nurmi, Managing Director of Vantaa Golf Park, revealed he made a criminal report on Thursday morning adding “We condemn the case completely.”

The man who carried out the attack is not a member of the club however he will be in hot water when the authorities catch up with him.

“It is impossible to understand. Such behaviour is in complete contravention of all the values ​​and principles on which the golf game is built, ” said Juha Korhonen , Executive Director of theFinnish Golf Association .

“We hope that the police will find out the identity of the person and that he will be punished according to his actions. “

The unfortunate bird in the video is said to be a Barnacle Goose, which are also found nesting across northern parts of the UK.

 Barnacle geese are a common sight in Britain

Getty – Contributor
Barnacle geese are a common sight in Britain



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