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We’re treating lower back pain all wrong. Here’s how to do it right.

Low back pain is the most common cause of disability worldwide, with eight in 10 people reporting the problem at some point in their lives, according to doctors. But a new study published in the Lancet on Wednesday found that people aren’t often getting the care they need to address …

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People are piercing their finger instead of wearing an engagement ring and it has experts concerned

Wearing a ring to indicate betrothal to another person is a tradition that dates back centuries — although the tradition of gifting a diamond wasn’t cemented into the public psyche until 1947. And while it remains the norm today, some people are putting their own twist on the tradition and …

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U.K. doctors use stem cells to restore patients’ eyesight

Doctors in the United Kingdom have restored the eyesight of two patients suffering from a common form of vision loss by treating them with stem cells. The two patients, an 86-year-old man and a woman in her sixties, both suffered from age-related macular degeneration, the most common form of sight …

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