Mum claims she can ‘tell if you’re poor’ if you own THIS kitchen gadget (but we bet everyone does)


A WOMAN claims to have found the perfect way to identify if you’re poor or not – and it’s all down to owning one kitchen gadget.

Her sister took to Mumsnet, the parenting website, to ask social media users their thoughts.

 A woman claims she can tell if you're poor if you own this kitchen item (Picture posed by model)

Getty – Contributor
A woman claims she can tell if you’re poor if you own this kitchen item (Picture posed by model)

Writing under the username ‘DonutCone’, she commented: “Dsis [Dear sister] says she can tell we are poor by the fact we own a tin opener.

“She says she herself has not bought a tin without a ring pull in years and obviously does not own a tin opener.

“Apparently only poor people buy tins that would need a tin opener.”

She joked: “Hmm. Shall I sell this idea to the Government as the new easy poverty calculator tool.”

Mumsnet users were dumbfounded.

“Eh what? How random and weird,” commented one, while another joked: “Tell her the artisan pates they sell in Fortnum and Mason food hall definitely do not come with a ring pull.”

 Bizarrely, the woman claims a tin opener is a sign of poverty

Getty – Contributor
Bizarrely, the woman claims a tin opener is a sign of poverty

“She sounds a complete idiot, tbh,” wrote a mum, as another said: “My mind is a little bit boggled with this.”

“The real sign of poverty is not having a tin opener, buying the cheaper tins and smashing them open on a rock,” said a Mumsnet user.

Another said: “That is a really bizarre thing to notice. Why on earth does she care so much about your ring pull situation?”

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‘DonutCone’ added: “She was also beyond horrified when she saw my value level shampoo.

“She had forgotten hers so made me drive her to the nearest town to get some £10 a bottle stuff as there was no way ‘that stuff’ was going on her head.”

But ‘ZaphodBeeblerox’ summed up most people’s thoughts when she simply said: “Your sister sounds like an idiot.”

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