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Meghan Markle: Paul Burrell reveals Princess Diana ‘would have picked’ her | Life | Life & Style

Meghan Markle is the bride that Princess Diana would have chosen for her son, Paul Burrell claimed on Good Morning Britain today.

The 36-year-old Suits actress will shake up the Royal Family, being one of the oldest royal brides to ever marry into the family.

She is also the first multiracial person to ever marry a UK royal.

Paul Burrell, 59, a former butler to Princess Diana, revealed that the late royal would have liked Meghan.

He also told how he found a secret photo of Princess Diana, which he did to protect her after her death.

He said: “She would have picked her, that is the way forward.”

Speaking about the younger generation of the Royal Family, Paul added: “It is about the young team Windsor, they are the future of our monarchy. They will embrace people.”

Speaking of Meghan he added: “What a force for good she is.”

Meghan has lots of previously experience working with charities, and is a fierce ambassador for women’s rights.

Yesterday, Paul Burrell told the The Sydney Morning Herald: “As a divorced woman, as a mixed race woman, (Meghan Markle) will help to change the monarchy and bring it through into the 21st century.”

“I see it as the right thing at the right time. And with Harry – I like to call him the ‘people’s prince’ – I think he will come forward with Meghan and embrace the public in the way his mother did.”

Sources claim to have revealed the cost of Meghan Markle’s wedding dress

They predict Meghan’s gown will cost even more than Kate Middleton’s, reported to be worth £250,000.

Reports from MailOnline, News.com.au and Hollywood Life now claim Meghan’s dress will cost almost £400,000, at £396,000.

Meghan is also said to have spent £100,000 on wedding celebrations and £120,000 on her honeymoon.

Other experts have revealed who is more beautiful, out of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

A mathematical method once used by ancient Greeks reveals the 36-year old American has a face even more perfect than Kate’s, and any other British royal of her generation.


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