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McLaren reveals new Senna GTR at Geneva Motor Show but here's why you won't want to own it

McLaren has just revealed their new Senna GTR concept which will offer near F1 performance in a car available to anyone who can afford it.

This incredible vehicle has been shown to the world the Geneva Motor Show with the sportscar firm saying that they hope to build around 75 of them at their factory in Woking.

The Senna GTR will feature a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 which will generate a horsepower of at least 825PS.

And, with a body made of carbon fibre, its lightweight design will bring exceptional performance to this ultimate supercar.

However, other than its £1 million price tag there is another reason some may be put off buying one – it’s on legal to drive on a track.

“Excelling on the track underpins the heritage of the McLaren brand and is as important and relevant today as it has ever been,” explained Mike Flewitt.

“The track-only McLaren Senna GTR will have more power, more grip and more downforce – up to 1,000kg – than the McLaren Senna and post even faster lap times; the very limited number of customers who secure this car will be buying the closest experience you can get to a race car without actually lining up on a circuit grid.”

Although this car can’t be driven on the roads this does bring advtanges to its speed and overall performance.

The front splitter of the McLaren GTR Concept is larger than the road-car component and contributes to improved front aerodynamic performance, as does the rear diffuser which is both larger and extends further back.

The rear deck is the lowest of any McLaren and aids both aerodynamic performance and cooling, as well as helping to optimise the performance of the active rear wing.

The design of the doors benefits aerodynamic efficiency, the outer skin being ‘pushed in’ as far as possible towards the centre of the car to better channel airflow. Unlike the road-legal McLaren Senna, the McLaren Senna GTR will feature a polycarbonate ‘ticket’ window.

The additional benefit of a race-style transmission, revised double wishbone suspension and Pirelli slick tyres – together with up to 1,000kg of downforce – will ensure that the McLaren Senna GTR will also post the quickest McLaren circuit lap times outside Formula 1.

“The McLaren Senna was designed from the outset with the full spectrum of road and track requirements in mind, so developing a GTR version is within the scope of the original project,” explained McLaren Automotive Design Engineering Director, Dan Parry-Williams.

“The McLaren Senna GTR Concept unveiled in Geneva is not the finished article but it does give a clear indication of our thinking for the car, which promises to be the most extreme and exciting McLaren to drive for many years, if not ever.”


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