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Gunman’s bullets designed to explode

LAS Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock reportedly fired special “incendiary” bullets from his hotel room at a 43,000-barrel fuel tank in an attempt to cause a massive explosion.

Casting couch horror stories

WHEN guests heard screams from the bedroom of a luxury suite on the 12th floor of the St Francis Hotel in San Francisco, they rushed to the scene.

US ‘pretending to fight IS in Syria’

RUSSIA has accused the United States of pretending to fight Islamic State and deliberately hindering its efforts to destroy the militant group.

‘I needed a stiff drink’: British PM

BRITISH Prime Minister Theresa May revealed during a radio interview that she needed a “stiff drink” after her calamatious conference speech, which was marred by a prankster handing her a P45, a coughing fit and a collapsing set.

Ivana: ‘I’m glad Melania is there’

PERHAPS Melania Trump should have held fire before calling her husband’s first wife an ‘attention seeker’.

Bill ‘chucked Hillary’s book in bin’

BILL and Hillary Clinton haven’t spoken in months after the former US president tossed her election book in the bin, an author claims.

Trump ‘wants to compare IQs’

US President Donald Trump has suggested comparing IQ tests with his Secretary of State after Rex Tillerson reportedly called him a “moron.”

Separatist showdown kicks off

CATALONIA’S regional leader Charles Puigdemont has declared that his people have “earned the right to independence” but has taken a cautious approach, encouraging peaceful negotiations with the Spanish government before officially declaring the region’s independence.

Catalans warned over showdown

THE Spanish government has warned Catalonia’s separatist leader not to do anything “irreversible”, just hours before a possible declaration of independence from Madrid.

Aussie detained in Bali for drugs

AN AUSTRALIAN man has been detained by police in Bali after it was alleged that a small amount of marijuana and antidepressant pills were found in his luggage.