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Rescue dog Frida is assisting relief efforts in Mexico following massive earthquake

Frida is a seasoned first-responder, being part of a military unit that's been deployed to several disaster zones.

Mom gives daughter permission to kick bullies ‘in the balls’ — here’s why

"I have a hard time thinking that my sassy, very independent little girl could possibly be bullied."

Once bullied for loving bugs, 8-year-old Sarnia girl is now a published author

Sophia Spencer was bullied for liking all things creepy crawly, but she didn't let that stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Kingston City council votes to close municipal golf course

After more than 40 years, Kingston’s Belle Park Fairways has seen its final round of golf played. Council voted 12-1 to shut down the municipal golf course, after years of failed efforts to boost membership and revenues. “There were different efforts and marketing around the golf course,” Kingston Mayor, Bryan Paterson said. “I remember participating...

Surveillance video captures gas thief in Burnaby drilling hole into vehicle’s fuel tank

"The amount of gas, maybe 20 bucks, that he took... he caused a few thousand dollars worth of damage."

Mom’s hilarious take on having more than one child is pretty dead-on

Esther Anderson's viral video on phases of pregnancies is making internet users laugh out loud.