Processed meat lumped with cake, candy and alcohol in Belgium’s food guide

A Canadian nutritionist weighs in on whether that's a good move.

COMMENTARY: Life and Love and Alzheimer’s

There is but one way to try to heal that gaping psychic wound caused by Alzheimer's, writes Charles Adler. It’s called love.

Rodent hairs and bugs: The acceptable amount of grime allowed in your food in...

There is a certain amount of insects and rodent hairs allowed in our food -- but the amount is miniscule and will not harm you, according to the CFIA.

5 things you need to know about Canada’s growing doctor workforce

In 2016, more than 84,000 physicians were practicing in Canada — the highest number ever in this country.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus diagnosed with breast cancer

'Veep' star Julia Louis-Dreyfus says she's thankful for her "supportive and caring" family.

Here’s how much genetics plays in a role in autism

While scientists are still discovering more about autism spectrum disorder, new research in the field suggests that genes may explain most of the risk of an ASD diagnosis – to the tune of 83 per cent.

Watchdog says universal pharmacare would cost Ottawa $19B

The Parliamentary Budget Officer is estimating that a national pharmacare program would cost the Canadian government a little over $19 billion per year, but overall savings on drug spending could be substantial.

Teenager dubbed the ‘human snake’ after shedding skin every six weeks is ‘cured’ by...

A TEENAGER cruelly bullied for being a “human snake” due to a painful skin condition that left her covered in scales claims she has been “cured”. Shalini Yadav, 16, shed her skin and had to smother herself in moisturiser every day to prevent her skin from hardening. She suffers from lamellar ichthyosis – a genetic […]

Detox your skin with the best face masks in the beauty world

TAKING care of your skin regularly is the key to a healthy glow. We list some of the best face masks the beauty world has to offer – from clay masks which help to reduce acne to a quick and simple detoxing mix. The Sheet Mask Best for: Speed and ease Mess-free mask? Yes, please. […]