Health Canada says more than 2,000 medically assisted deaths since legalization

Health Canada said the number of medically assisted deaths has been rising since becoming legal.

Thanksgiving dinner: 9 tips for healthy holiday eating

So there’s the turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, some cranberry sauce and stuffing and a slice of pumpkin pie. How bad could Thanksgiving dinner be?

Quebec barber gets on floor to cut hair of young boy with autism

A photo posted online last week shows Francis "Franz" Jacob lying on the floor.

Paramedics authorized to give vaccines amid San Diego hepatitis A outbreak

Amid warnings from health officials that it could take years to rid of California’s deadly hepatitis A outbreak, San Diego has granted paramedics the authority to administer vaccines to the area’s at-risk populations.

Children who struggle with reading should be screened for hearing problems: study

Children with reading difficulties could benefit from more regular hearing screenings, the study suggests.

Donald Trump rolls back rules on birth control coverage for women

Under the Affordable Care Act, preventive services are supposed to be free of charge to employees and their dependents.

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At 72, Jane Beacham loves to travel, and she's serious about it.

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The dangers of using ‘home remedies’ for serious illnesses

Many people turn to home remedies to treat their cancer, colds, and autoimmune disorders, but some of these can cause more harm than good.