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What will happen to hotel room 32135?

HOTEL room 32135 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas — a large suite with sweeping views of the Strip — served as the location where Stephen Paddock chose to carry out the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

Newlywed bride ‘died of pneumonia’

THE body of a Sydney bride who died on her honeymoon in Fiji of severe bilateral pneumonia is expected to be flown home today on a private plane.

Incredible cockpit video shows what pilots really see when they’re landing a plane in...

IF you’re scared of flying, or perhaps get a bit nervous during turbulence — this view from a pilot’s seat might make you feel a little uneasy. A Qatar Airways pilot has posted a stunning point-of-view clip from the cockpit, showing the incredible sight — or lack thereof — when landing a plane on a […]

Cruel holiday prank: ‘You were pigged’

A WOMAN has been left in tears after flying abroad to be reunited with her holiday lover — to be told he had been playing a cruel “Pull a Pig” game.

Explore temples and sample tea on charming Indian ocean island of Sri Lanka

BY the time the clocks go back, I’ve usually had my first cold of the year, my proper coat is on and I do not leave the house without an umbrella. And with no Indian summer this year to ease us in gently to the time change later this month, I was desperate for a […]

I was ‘guru scouted’ for a spiritual harem

IT USED to be that Australians initiated themselves into adulthood the old fashioned way: drinking their way around Europe on a Contiki tour.

Experience Thorpe Park’s Fright Night with horrifying zombies and rides inspired by hit US...

“HOLD on to me, son, and we’ll get through this”, the responsible dad yelled as they scrambled through a burned-out school bus ­full of the dead and undying. That dad was me. And we did. Just. Thorpe Park Resort after dark is not for the nervous right now. For 15 years, Surrey’s theme park has […]

Stricken Monarch was unable to compete with new budget king Norwegian Air, experts say

STRICKEN Monarch was sent under by new budget king ­Norwegian Air, experts claim today. The once-great British flier could not match the firm’s cheap tickets, modern planes and frequent routes. And there are fears of a domino effect as other low-cost airlines struggle to compete with prices such as £200 to New York. Monarch, the […]

Enjoy a footie tournament and a Robin Hood archery contest at French skiing resort...

DON’T worry Grande Bretagne, we still love you. This was the message echoing loud and clear off the mountains of French resort Les Arcs earlier this year as we arrived for a week’s skiing. With Brexit playing havoc with the exchange rate, the French were worried us Brits would be put off spending our precious […]

Disney’s Free Dining Plan lets you experience the Disney magic without the hassle and...

“IT’S Disney . . . there’s no such thing as calories!” As I size up my fifth juicy steak of the week, I decide to take the smiling waiter on his word. I am spending a week at Walt Disney World in Orlando to make the most of Disney’s Free Dining Plan. The deal lets families book their resort […]