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Kate Middleton news: How the pregnant Duchess is preparing for baby number three | Life | Life & Style

Kate Middleton, 36, is expecting baby number three with Prince William, 35.

Many have predicted the new addition to the royal family could arrive as early as April.

Despite being pregnant, the Duchess has shown up at a whopping 38 engagements already this year.

But the reason why Kate has attended so many could be part of her tactful maternity leave plan.

Kate has completed more than three times as many engagements so far this year compared to the same period last year, when she completed 11 engagements.

It comes after the Duchess missed several engagements at the end of last year due to severe morning sickness.

Royal expert, Grant Harrold, reckons Kate has increased the number of engagements she’s attended through her own choice.

The royal family aide revealed to Mail Online: “Royal engagements are planned many months in advance.

“If one year has a higher number of engagements compared to another, this will be down to what the royal has agreed to do and is happy to carry out.”

Harrold also believes Kate has taken on more duties because she will be having time off after giving birth to her third child.

He said: “The Duchess will, of course, be having some family time once she has a third child and it is unlikely that she will be seen for a few months after the birth of the next royal baby.

“It is most likely that she will be trying to fit in as many engagements as possible before the due date, and make up for the time she was unwell and unable to attend some of her previous events.”

Kate’s most recent engagement included attending the first Royal Foundation forum with Prince William, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

On the same day, she visited the National Portrait Gallery for the first photo exhibit that she also curated.

As well as predicting Kate’s due date, many royal fans suspect the Duchess is having twins.

What would happen if Kate Middleton’s baby turns out to be twins


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