Just half of kids like to play outdoors after school and two thirds prefer watching TV


JUST half of children play outside after school, research shows.

They are far less active than their parents, four in five of whom would head outdoors every day.

 Kids are much less active than their parents

Getty – Contributor
Kids are much less active than their parents
 Most children prefer watching TV

Getty – Contributor
Most children prefer watching TV

More than two-thirds of modern youngsters do find time to watch TV daily. And nearly half like to spend their spare time online or on social media, a survey shows.

Experts fear the lack of outdoor play combined with social media pressures is creating an anxiety-ridden generation.

And psychologist Emma Kenny said outdoor play helps kids create their own memories and build meaningful friendships.

She said: “Outdoor free play for children can help combat anxiety whilst supporting children in creating their own memories and developing real connections with friends and family.

 Outdoor play helps kids create memories and build friendships

Getty – Contributor
Outdoor play helps kids create memories and build friendships

“Young generations are experiencing the cyber age for the first time, which makes it harder to deal with.

“Social media presents a false reality, which is very damaging to people’s mental wellbeing and inevitably contributes to the current anxious nation.

“Unless we improve children’s life skills, we will see a rise in mental health issues.”

Only a third of parents said their child’s favourite activity was playing outside with friends, the poll of 2,000 people for Germolene cream found.

Instead, children spend an average of 11 hours a week on a phone or computer.

Adorable video shows what children discuss when parents aren’t around

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