Judy Finnigan doesn’t look happy with her salad after unveiling her new slimline figure on holiday with Richard Madeley


JUDY Finnigan didn’t look happy with her salad during a dinner date with husband Richard Madeley.

The TV host, 69, was spotted tucking into a plate of greens on holiday with her hubby, 61.

 Judy Finnigan didn't look happy with her meal

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Judy Finnigan didn’t look happy with her meal

Judy was seen deep in conversation with Richard as they enjoyed a meal at a restaurant in the south of France.

They both had plates of salad and glasses of Pepsi as they relaxed in the sunny weather.

It comes just weeks after Judy unveiled her new slimline figure.

She appears to be back in tip-top shape as she was spotted walking arm-in-arm with Richard in London last month.

 She was having lunch with her husband Richard Madeley on holiday

Flynet Pictures
She was having lunch with her husband Richard Madeley on holiday

An onlooker said: “Judy looked fantastic, really healthy.

“It looks as if she’s lost a couple of stone and updated her wardrobe. Good for her.”

 The couple are on a break in the south of France

Flynet Pictures
The couple are on a break in the south of France

Judy has yet to open up about her weight loss secrets, but her makeover comes after her fitness expert daughter Chloe

claimed her mum doesn’t watch what she eats.

Speaking in May, Chloe, 30, who works out six times a day, said: “My dad is fit and healthy, goes for walks and watches what he eats. My mum couldn’t give a f***.”

The pair met in 1982 when they were both on their first marriage to other people, they married four years later

Asked if Judy had ever joined her for a session, Chloe added: “I want to. But no, my parents don’t work out with me.

“Mum has dodgy knees so she’d have to be with a really good specialist in order to move and not injure herself any further.”

Richard Madeley reveals he would ‘deck’ a man who took a picture up wife Judy’s skirt – and be prepared to go to prison for it

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