It’s time to stand up to the patronising Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker and do a direct deal with countries which are being bullied by the EU


TELL you what. I’m really looking forward to the day the British Government gets tired of being blackmailed by pygmies. Because I’m tired of it already.

The format for the Brexit talks is always the same. The politicians get together for a meeting.

 Rod Liddle says he's tired of Brexit negotiations with Jean-Claude Juncker already

Rod Liddle says he’s tired of Brexit negotiations with Jean-Claude Juncker already

Afterwards, the UK representatives — Theresa May or David Davis or Boris Johnson — emerge and say nice things about their counterparts.

And how the meeting was constructive and things are moving forwards.

And within a minute some jumped-up little panjandrum from the EU appears before the cameras to be insulting about the people he’s just been talking to. And then insulting to the people of the UK.

This has happened time and time again. The half-cut arch-idiot, Jean-Claude Juncker, did it. A couple of weeks ago it was the turn of some Irish lowlife called Phil Hogan, who stuck the boot into Boris. Phil’s presumably forgotten how the UK bailed out his country’s wrecked economy in 2012.

And this time it’s that perpetually smirking Pole, Donald Tusk. Patronising and rude.

He described Theresa May, condescendingly, as “more constructive, more realistic”. But said that talks were not really progressing.

 Pathetic Tusk shows his colours when the media microphones come out

Rex Features
Pathetic Tusk shows his colours when the media microphones come out

Aren’t they, Donald? Well here’s the thing. Let’s stop them. Let’s pull out and tell them to stuff it.

These EU officials are determined to do two things. First, screw as much money out of us as possible. Money which, legally, we do not owe. Second, make the UK an “example” to other countries which might want to get the hell out of the rapidly sinking ship that is the EU.

So, it’s time to call their bluff. Exit the Brexit talks with the EU pygmies. Tell them they’re getting nowt. Not a single penny.

EU’s Donald Tusk: Idea of Britain ‘having cake and eating it’ on Brexit is finished

Threaten to shove a nice strong tariff on imports from within the EU. See how the manufacturers in Germany and France and Spain like that.

Then cut out the middle man. Go direct to the elected heads of states with whom we wish to cut a decent trade deal.

Offer preferential trade deals to countries which are currently being bullied by the EU Stasi — the likes of Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. Start building up a few strategic allies.

And tell Angela Merkel in Germany and Emmanuel Macron in France that we welcome their country’s goods so long as a reciprocal trade deal can be signed right now, no messing around. Otherwise it’s tariff time.

 We're the ones that should be looking exasperated with this pathetic display, says Rod Liddle

We’re the ones that should be looking exasperated with this pathetic display, says Rod Liddle

We import much, much, more from France and Germany than we sell to them. So that should concentrate their minds a little.

And both countries are in political trouble. In Germany, Merkel’s party lost loads of seats to an anti-EU, anti-immigrant party (which the BBC seems to think is composed of Nazis, werewolves and goblins. No, it’s not. It’s composed of people who, like us, have had enough.)

While in France, the electors have woken up to the reality that Macron is a charlatan. He is hugely unpopular.

We have been too accommodating and way too generous so far. It’s time to pull the rug from under their feet. It’s time to tell the pygmies: No Deal.


BY God, I’m sick of the North Korea-USA stand off and slanging match. A huge Yo Mama willy-waving contest between two psychos.

Kim Jong-un screams he’s going evaporate America and that Trump is a dotard. Trump replies saying: “Well we’ll evaporate you, even more, you fat idiot.”

I’ve heard more rational exchanges in a reform school playground. Feel safe in your bed?

Thank God we’re over here, at least. I wouldn’t plan a trip to Japan any time soon.

 Camilla Rowe is the third Victoria's Secret model for Harry

Getty Images – Getty
Camilla Rowe is the third Victoria’s Secret model for Harry

WHEN most people look through a Victoria’s Secret catalogue it’s so they can order some fancy lingerie. (Like me. I’m wearing some now, as it happens. I would show you the picture but the press regulator might get involved.)

 Camille looks decidedly better in lingerie than our Rod

Getty – Contributor
Camille looks decidedly better in lingerie than our Rod

Not Harry Styles. He uses the catalogue to order up the models. He’s been working his way through them all. Camille Rowe is his THIRD.

Harry was pictured out with her, wearing his bloody stupid baker boy cap. Dunno what the chicks see in him.

 Style-ing it out . . . the hat does not work Harry — take it off

Style-ing it out . . . the hat does not work Harry — take it off

Rant MP has form for rot

HERE’S a politician to keep an eye on. It’s always fun when a new imbecile turns up, isn’t it?

So, ladies and gentleman, I give you Emma Dent Coad, Labour MP for Kensington.

She has recently got herself in the news by slagging off the Royal Family – she’s their MP, by the way. Poured scorn on Prince Harry’s war record and bigged herself up as being the royals’ worst nightmare.

So who is this class warrior then? EDC couldn’t be more upper middle class if her entire body was composed of gluten-free hummus.

 Coad speaking outside the Grenfell tower inquiry

Coad speaking outside the Grenfell tower inquiry

Born in Chelsea to a wealthy consultant. Graduate of the Royal College of Art. You get the picture?

She was in the news before. Ranted about the Grenfell Tower disaster. Suggested it was an “entirely preventable tragedy”.

Who might have prevented it, though? Maybe the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation, which managed the building.

And of which EDC was . . . er . . . a member.

Yep, she’s one to watch.


AT last, the exciting go-ahead Islamic kingdom of Saudi Arabia has allowed women to drive cars.

Up until now they were banned from doing so. Because the Saudi men don’t like women to have any independence.

Anyway, King Salman has finally said it’s OK.

And as you can see from the photo, it’s all going terribly well.

(Just my little joke).

A’fried it’s not racist

 Chicken Left Wing . . . students complained it was like a safari tour but they'll definitely be in there drunk

Stockbyte – Getty
Chicken Left Wing . . . students complained it was like a safari tour but they’ll definitely be in there drunk

NEW students arriving at Goldsmiths college in London get a Freshers’ Week treat.

They are taken on a tour of the local fried chicken shops in the New Cross area of the capital.

They even get free samples, a chicken wing here, a crispy nugget there. But the leftie students are complaining. They say this tour is – come on, you can guess – raaaacccciisssst.

Quite how it’s racist escapes me. In fact, these tours are introducing students to black-owned businesses.

But these leftie loons can show you racism in a handful of dust.


LONDON Mayor Sadiq Khan looks like he is about to back down over banning the cheapo cab firm Uber.

The Yankee company has promised it will clean up its act. Yeah, right.

On the very day they were telling Khan this, what were they also doing? Pleading with a tribunal that they shouldn’t have to pay any benefits to their (largely immigrant) drivers.

No sick pay, no holiday pay, nothing.

Some things are worth paying a little more money for. Stuff with history and tradition behind it.

Such as a safe ride home in a comfortable black cab with a driver who speaka da local lingo and knows where Oxford Circus is. Have some spine, Sadiq.

 Lost in translation . . . Jong-un has aggressively jammed the BBC signal

Lost in translation . . . Jong-un has aggressively jammed the BBC signal

THE BBC has just launched a new Korean language service.

But it has been “aggressively jammed” by Kim Jong-un. Hmmm.

I don’t usually have much time for the porky, dog-munching psycho.

But I wonder, if we asked nicely, if he might jam the BBC’s English language service as well, the one we get here?

Especially when Clare Balding’s on.

Or the news.



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