Husband hid ten-month affair while we celebrated wedding anniversary


DEAR DEIDRE: IN the space of one year my husband and I have celebrated his 50th birthday, our daughter’s wedding and then our own silver wedding anniversary.

I then found out that he had been seeing one of his female colleagues for ten months.

 Can't believe my husband's betrayal with his ten-month affair

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Can’t believe my husband’s betrayal with his ten-month affair

The affair was going on during the entire time that he was putting on a good show at all of these family celebrations.

He has taken her out to our favourite restaurant and even took her away on a city break.

We have talked and talked about what has happened but I can’t get past the hurt and the deceit.

He insists the affair is over and says that I should just get over it – but I’m absolutely devastated. I’m 48.

DEIDRE SAYS: He can’t expect just to move on.

It’s up to him to show you by his loving behaviour that you have nothing to worry about.

If he is not willing to make an effort, then this marriage is in trouble all round.

My e-leaflet Cheat­ing – Can You Get Over It? will help.

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