Hunter kills family dog with crossbow, thought it was coyote


A family dog was killed with a crossbow in New Jersey on Sept. 20, when a hunter mistook it for a coyote. The dog owner said she was playing with her one-year-old Alaskan shepherd in the yard when Tonka ran off into the nearby woods and failed to return.

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Elizabeth Middlemark Mongno said she was calling her dog for 15 minutes, only to find him lying in a pool of blood with a hunter’s arrow through his heart.

In a Facebook post, dated Sept. 21, Mongno said she and her family are devastated. She said the dog was especially important to her nine-year-old son and three-year-old daughter.

“Tonka put so many smiles on so many faces. His lovable, goofy personality made everyone around him happy. He was truly a one of a kind dog and we will miss him so much.”

Tonka was reportedly found dead just outside Mongno’s property. According to reports, the land between properties was open, legal hunting grounds.

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The hunter had a hunting licence and said he believed the 95-pound dog was a white and grey-furred coyote chasing a deer. In the state, coyotes can be legally hunted.

The hunter has been fined $3,000 for careless discharge of a weapon and his hunting licence was suspended for seven years.



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