Home and Away spoilers – Mason strangles Brody and Ash confesses his love for Tori


Multiple relationships are set to blossom in Home and Away this week, as things between Kat and Robbo heat up and Beth confesses her feelings for Mason.

But there will still be plenty of drama, as Mason strangles his brother upon his return home and a mysterious boat with bullet holes is linked to Robbo. Here is everything you need to know about the week ahead…

 Tori and Ash have been battling feelings for each other

Seven/Channel 5
Tori and Ash have been battling feelings for each other

1. Ash tells Justin he has feelings for Tori

Ash opens up to Hunter about accidentally seeing Tori naked as he moves in, and the story quickly spreads like wildfire through the Bay.

Tori finds out about the wildly exaggerated story and goes to confront Ash at the garage, with Justin then asking him what he’s playing at.

Ash finally admits that he has feelings for Tori, and Justin tells him not to mess her around.

2. Mason is released from hospital – but wants Brody out

Beth is helping Mason with his physio and he is even starting to walk – and he is released to come home.

But Mason says he won’t return if Brody is there, telling him to leave.

Although Tori tries to compromise, Mason stands firm – he will move out if Brody remains in the house.

 Mason speaks to Justin about refusing to share a house with Brody

Seven/Channel 5
Mason speaks to Justin about refusing to share a house with Brody

3. Mason strangles Brody

Back home, Mason is happy until Brody arrives and helps him make his way to the couch.

When he sits down next to him, he tries to talk to Mason – who snaps and jumps on top of Brody, starting to strangle him.

The fight is broken up by a screaming Justin and Tori, who physically restrain Mason as he continues to shout at Brody, clearly unable to forgive him for the car accident.

4. Justin finds out about Ziggy and Brody’s romance

Ziggy heads to Brody’s for some space from her family, and he gives her a bracelet as a thank you for being there for him.

Things heat up between the two, and Ziggy discovers she’s misplaced her top.

She heads out to retrieve it from the sofa – only to discover Justin holding it, furious…

 Justin discovers Ziggy's shirt before she emerges with Brody

Seven/Channel 5
Justin discovers Ziggy’s shirt before she emerges with Brody

5. Coco falls down the stairs and passes out

Coco is happily on her way to a surf lesson with VJ, but as she approaches the water, she passes out.

She wakes up moments later, with VJ and Jennifer concerned about her.

Later on, watching the two surfing together and feeling down, she decides to go for a run despite Ben’s warning about how hot it is – and falls down the stairs she was running up…

6. Things heat up between Kat and Robbo

Scarlett warns Kat to stay clear of Robbo, and offers to move in with her into the pier apartment.

When Robbo turns up, things get heated with Scarlett and he walks out.

Kat asks him what’s going on and he says he wants to move forward, especially as no one is looking for him.

He helps the girls to move on, and later on, the two have another intense moment together and end up kissing again.

 Kat has been helping Robbo with his memory loss

Seven/Channel 5
Kat has been helping Robbo with his memory loss

7. Mason and Beth go on a date

Mason organises for a tattoo artist to come to the Bay, knowing how much Beth wants one.

Over a champagne lunch, she tries to kiss him, but he’s caught by surprise and it goes horribly wrong.

She runs out and Mason finds her crying on the beach, where they both open up about their feelings for each other and finally have their first kiss.

 Mason has found love with Beth from the hospital

Seven/Channel 5
Mason has found love with Beth from the hospital

8. Alf and Scarlett discover a mysterious boat

A boat is adrift out in the Bay, and Alf and Scarlett go to explore.

It has no driver, but they find blood, broken glass and bullet holes – and call the police to get forensics on it.

At the station, Kat discovers the boat licensing is fake – then she realises that a piece of Robbo’s watch matches the contents of a bag from the boat. He was there…

 Alf and Scarlett make a mysterious discovery

Seven/Channel 5
Alf and Scarlett make a mysterious discovery

Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5.

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