Halloween trees have returned! How can I decorate a spooky tree, what are the best ideas out there and where did the trend come from?


Photos of Halloween trees are doing the rounds on social media, with people excitedly decorating trees with various spooky ornaments.

But why is the trend around, how can you make your own Halloween tree and what are the best ones out there this year? Here is everything you need to know.

 Halloween fairy lights are available for fans of the festive occasions

Halloween fairy lights are available for fans of the festive occasions

What is a Halloween tree and where did they come from?

A Halloween tree is a Christmas tree decorated with Halloween themed ornaments, such as skulls, ghosts and mini pumpkins.

People who are fans of Halloween and want to mark the occasion for the whole month, like Christmas, have started putting up the spooky trees at the start of October.

The trend has started to pop up online each year, with people posting their creations on social media.

Parents have been inspired to create the trees after a nursery rhyme called ‘The Halloween Tree’ became popular.

The tale speaks of a Haunted Tree, where a tree was planted in a land of haunted houses and was taken care of by ghosts and goblins.

It grew into a large Halloween tree, with scary branches, monsters and zombies inside.

 Transform your home into a spooky Halloween lair with these cool skull candles

Transform your home into a spooky Halloween lair with these cool skull candles

How can I make my own Halloween tree?

It’s simple to make your own Halloween themed tree.

You can use your own Christmas tree, or go out and get a fresh one to use each year for the occasion.

Then simply add some spooky decorations – there are plenty available online.

Popular ornaments include miniature pumpkins, little ghosts, spiders, ghouls, zombies, witches’ hats and spooky eyeballs.

What are the best Halloween trees out there so far?

People have already started sharing their spooky creations on Twitter – here are the best of the bunch.

My Halloween tree! It’s not finished completely and a picture doesn’t do it justice but, ta-da! #halloweentreepic.twitter.com/rmzp8LgE2K

— ?HalloweenMcQueen? (@Halloweenmcqn) October 1, 2017

Halloween tree pic.twitter.com/iUb3tPv0Tp

— Grant Ogre Fairbanks (@King_Ogre) October 4, 2017

I made a Halloween tree pic.twitter.com/5RhzR2CEp8

— Casey Dillion (@RedBalloonMan) October 5, 2017

Okay I have started my Halloween tree?? pic.twitter.com/QQPQKGTCEQ

— ?Natalie? (@stilinskimpala) October 1, 2017

Our hotel has a Halloween Christmas tree.

We’ve reached the pinnacle of Japanese innovation. pic.twitter.com/Uj6vUHUkHS

— Rachel & Jun (@RachelAndJun) September 29, 2017

My Halloween Tree is officially up and complete ???? #ILoveHalloweenpic.twitter.com/egGtjNHJ7E

— Lydia Hearst (@LydiaHearst) October 2, 2017

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